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  • verb

Synonyms for undermine

Synonyms for undermine

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

to damage, destroy, or defeat by sabotage

Synonyms for undermine

destroy property or hinder normal operations

hollow out as if making a cave or opening


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Nearly a decade and a half later, fans will learn the fate of the Underminer when "Incredibles 2" opens in theaters on June 13.
Table 1 A Millennium of Antisemitic Myth (Christendom) * REGION MYTH JEWISH DEATHS Nazi, Europe (1939-1945) Underminers 6,000,000 Stalin's Famine (1932) State underminers 500,000 Chmielnicki, Rus Cossack Rebellion 100,000-300,000 (1648-1656) 'The Deluge' Russian Wars (1917-1922) Nationalism 100,000-200,000 Ukraine (1918-1920) Multiple myths 30,000-60,000 odessa (1941) Antonescu's Judeo- 30,000 Communism Rindfleisch/Arm.
Meet the classic underminer. This is the friend who notes aloud that you just got a new haircut but says nothing about whether it looks nice.
Now, continuing where the movie left off is The Incredibles: Rise of The Underminer. This two-player game lets you play as Mr.
The Tories castigated him as a fanatic 'Commonwealth-man', a formenter of rebellion and anarchy, and a deistical underminer of Christianity.
You wonder how it is possible to escape this slippery underminer of profitable business.
He was a strong opponent of Jeffersonianism and once referred to Jefferson as "the very underminer of the Union - a most mischievous ferret." Freidel, Francis Lieber, p.
You wonder how it is possible to escape this slippery "underminer" of profitable business.
Iran's Jekyll and Hyde approach-normal state-to-state relations with its neighbors while simultaneously acting as a revolutionary underminer of regional moderates--has some advantages for Iran, but it is hard to sustain over the long run.
"Suppose I consider a future event F' which is just barely shy of being an underminer of the present chances.
Fear, for example, is described as 'the underminer of all determinations' (OA, p.
In their eyes, Jesus was a dangerous dissenter, a rebel, an underminer of established authority - their authority.
Lonsdale, Annan/Vue, Carlisle Time has stood still since we first met the Parr family all those years ago as the new film Incredibles 2 (PG) begins where the other ended with the emergence of the underground menace, Underminer.
And to get you in a heroic mood, here are a couple of games to enjoy together - get out your pens and colour in Elastigirl or help the Incredibles find the Underminer's drill in our explosive maze.
Three recent book titles describe big tech as a"wrecking ball," an"existential threat" and an underminer of democracy.