Underground Railroad

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secret aid to escaping slaves that was provided by abolitionists in the years before the American Civil War

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The Underground Railroad is widely considered a crucial aspect of American history, a courageous protest to slavery through which enslaved African Americans gained freedom.
Thanks to the fervent advocacy of preservationists, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, the Underground Railroad is on the fast track to cultural sanctification as a model of righteousness, rebellion and, most important, interracial cooperation.
Improved effectiveness and maximized resources are critically important to the missions of the museums and provide renewed sustainability to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.
Tamika wants to go back in time to learn about the Underground Railroad.
Underground Railroad conductors posted this notice in Detroit to announce the safe arrival in Canada of Fairfield's group of former slaves.
The Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman at Niagara Falls, New York
Charles Walker Gollar, an associate professor of church history at Xavier, says his students study the role of the church among slaves and the churches' relationship with the Underground Railroad.
The scroll was exhibited at the Underground Railroad conference at St.
Last weekend, audiences got to see the life of famous Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman brought to life on stage at the Madrid Theatre in Canoga Park.
Its flagship program teaches about monumental events in African American history, such as the Underground Railroad and the civil rights movement.
A four-page index links Maine women to the Underground Railroad, Shakers, Penobscot Indians, suffrage, and the Audubon Society.
Front Line of Freedom: African Americans and the Forging of the Underground Railroad in the Ohio Valley.
And even when the history of blacks in Canada is told, it often focuses disproportionately on the lives of blacks in Ontario, particularly those who escaped American slavery to arrive in Canaan Land by way of the Underground Railroad.
95) provides a simple account of the life of underground railroad 'conductor' Harriet Tubman, republishing the second 1886 edition of a slim but pointed survey of Tubman's life and achievements.
What started out as a research project of the Underground Railroad System soon turned into a remarkable novel about faith and family.
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