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Synonyms for undercurrent

Synonyms for undercurrent

a subtle quality underlying or felt to underlie a situation, action, or person

Synonyms for undercurrent

a subdued emotional quality underlying an utterance


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a current below the surface of a fluid

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Her fourth studio album, Undercurrent, carries on in the tradition.
When extended below water level, the revetment protects the coast against undercurrents that can lead to an erosion of the shoreline beneath it.
Maritime experts explain the black statistics with the fact that after August 15th the typical coastal winds increase in strength and cause undercurrents, which are the most frequent reason for sea swimming incidents in the country.
Undercurrents will also feature band information, a picture gallery and upcoming gigs on acts played on the Undercurrents site as featured on The Gerry Ryan Show homepage.
From the artist's studio to coffeehouses, bohemian neighborhoods around the city, and changing attitudes on traditional versus modern art, the pulse and soul of the Manhattan art community is captured in an exciting expose of the undercurrents of its influences.
To turn a blind eye to this sad fact, as your article attempts to do, sets a dangerous precedent for dismissing anti-Semitic undercurrents more generally.
Regardless of his own safety, Sutherland Lyall dips his weathered toes in the undercurrents of the fast-flowing cyber deluge.
For all Stephens's roiling undercurrents, his depths are nothing compared to the parents whose children--and future and function--have been so suddenly torn away from them.
Crais has an incredible eye for illustrative details, and in his hands familiar themes and narratives take on a new life, rich with subtle undercurrents.
Operating as a spy, he learns about political undercurrents which will change the face of Rome itself.
Nicole Morris, 12, and Louise Tully Blake, 15, were hanging onto the groyne at Fisherman's Walk in Southbourne, Dorset, after they were swept out by strong undercurrents yesterday morning.
Locals know it's a dangerous point, with undercurrents, but there is still no warning signs for tourists.
The undercurrents of individualism and the separation of the public and the private flow together to create an eddy of pastoral-theological strategies that focus on the private sphere.
Co-produced by France's Centre choregraphique, La Rotonde, and Groupe des 20 (Rhone-Alpes) along with Montreal's Studio de l'Agora de la danse, Puzzle Danse turned out to be a thoughtful hour-long evening of diversity and stimulation that included some surprising thematic undercurrents.