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too low a value or price assigned to something

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This updated gender-sensitive approach addressed men's under-valuing of women's time, skills and contributions to farming activities.
Experts expressed fear over the continuing exploitation of Africa's mineral wealth by foreign multinationals, which instead of paying the relevant taxes, ended up using invoices to escalate cost of imports and under-valuing exports to avoid paying the taxes to the national governments.
"Since foreign currency, particularly US dollars or Euros, is often more stable than local currency, companies involved in exporting goods may resort to under-valuing their exports in order to avoid having to surrender their foreign currency.
When such approaches fail, some families are viewed as potentially under-valuing the importance of their child's literacy development at school or as not able to appropriately prepare and facilitate meaningful literacy events for their children as preparation for the early years of schooling.
accuses Beijing of under-valuing the yuan to gain a trade advantage by making its exports cheaper to drive up domestic growth rates.
Women take on by far the larger share of unpaid caring work, and this leads to over-work as women struggle to combine paid work and caring, as well as to large numbers of women being forced to work in low-status part-time jobs; it also contributes to the under-valuing of paid-for care work, while men's long-hours culture means that they missing out on family life.
This over-valuing of the foreign and under-valuing of the domestic, in part an effect of a self-effacing social etiquette, is a radical indictment of the powerful impact of Western scholarship.
Honestly, organising the U-17 tournament does not really bring great glory to the UAE, but we need to understand that this is an important event and we are not under-valuing it as it is a great event to host.
"The IAC Goa also demands that Mr Khurshid explain what appears to be gross under-valuing of his properties in Goa.
Money launderers in Zambia have used structuring, currency exchanges, monetary instruments, gambling, under-valuing assets, front businesses, and non-financial institutions to launder their proceeds.
He accused the company of under-valuing the concessions made by the local trade unions to achieve savings rather than see the operation switched to Eastern Europe or the Far East.
Care must be taken to avoid under-valuing or over-valuing their assets by defaulting to either an in exchange exit price, or failing to consider market participant assumptions.
Infuriated Phillips, who red Albion to the Premier League last term, has angrily accused Albion of under-valuing him by asking him to earn a two-year contract at The Hawthorns.
Under-valuing one's company is a significant problem in places like Northern Ontario, he says.