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too low a value or price assigned to something

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Participants that struggled might ask themselves, do I lack the conceptual skills to define issues in the context of the big picture, or do I under-value the benefits of clear and compelling strategic direction?
But that would be to under-value the professionalism of this old girl of Holly Lodge High School, West Derby, Liverpool.
The result of the decisions is that where a purchase is made from a poor and ignorant man at a considerable under-value, the vendor having no independent advice, a Court of Equity will set aside the transaction.
If you under-value it, you cheat yourself out of a once in a lifetime experience.
31) It was generally recognised by respondents that in the past Australian research institution researchers tended to under-value their intellectual property, giving it away too much, too soon, for too little.
It will be Britain's price for support whose political value is at least as great as its military one, and which British politicians will in future under-value at their peril.
They say some agents over-value homes to get business - and others under-value for a quick fee.
Which is not to under-value the contributions of Stephen Nutt, Greg McDonald and Oliver Thomas, the three who have shared the shirt.
Each of these contexts has a particular history which provides a different nuance, but there is a common tendency to under-value the continuity of the history and encompassing expertise that is intrinsic in each collection.
But he believes Britain should join as a nation-state, and remain one, and never under-value its links outside, with America and the Commonwealth, plus the United Nations.
In other words, the danger we face at the present is not that we under-value the importance of the home, but that our nostalgic hankering for a white picket fence may well be masking an abandonment of our identity and obligations as citizens.