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too low a value or price assigned to something

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A period of under-valuation may be needed to help them do that, or in the absence of that, support from the government such as through enhanced export credit guarantees (within EU rules) and more finance for exporters.
* Over- or under-valuation compared to the fundamental equilibrium exchange rate (FEER): We used numbers provided by Bill Cline and John Williamson of the Peterson Institute.
and bring in a Supplementary "In the absence of this amendment, the deliberate and serious under-valuation of a property would be binding on the new owner where Budget?
And investor sentiment itself can be destabilising, extrapolating good and bad times into pronounced cycles of over and under-valuation.
Three days earlier, Khemka issued a letter formally ordering an inquiry across four districts into the alleged 'under-valuation' of some properties registered by Vadra or his companies.
The workforce is predominantly female and the pay scales reflect the historic systemic under-valuation of the roles played by women in society."
The UK's banking regulations have resulted in an under-valuation of the market capitalisation of HSBC Holdings Plc (LSE: HSBA) (NYSE: HBC) (HKG: 0005) by up to GBP18bn, Dow Jones has reported, citing a separate report by the Sunday Telegraph.
By almost a 2:1 margin, a bipartisan group of senators last month passed the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2011, legislation which should crack down on China's artificial under-valuation of its currency and level the playing field for U.S.
The issue of the under-valuation of the yuan is also likely to be raised during the next annual EU-China summit, to be held on 25 October in Tianjin.
But it does mess with the methodology, denying the vital importance - in the absence of cashflow - of "over-" or "under-valuation".
The issue of its under-valuation is in the process of being brought to a head in the next month or so, as the US Treasury is scheduled to report to Congress before the middle of April whether, in its opinion, China should be officially labelled as a "currency manipulator".
USICE picks out a number of red-flag indicators besides commodity misclassification, over-valuation and under-valuation:
The idea of a company's buying back its own shares is relatively new to India, but as development continues firms are finding that buybacks can have the effects of adjusting capital structures, boosting profits and earnings per share, deterring impending takeover bids, correcting under-valuation and arresting downward stock prices.
Given this degree of under-valuation, economists, investment professionals and real estate analysts predict an inevitable property appreciation curve for Argentina over the next decade.
The broker also argued that yesterday's WH Smiths demerger announcement was likely to highlight the under-valuation of Menzies Distribution.