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too low a value or price assigned to something

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The workforce is predominantly female and the pay scales reflect the historic systemic under-valuation of the roles played by women in society.
The UK's banking regulations have resulted in an under-valuation of the market capitalisation of HSBC Holdings Plc (LSE: HSBA) (NYSE: HBC) (HKG: 0005) by up to GBP18bn, Dow Jones has reported, citing a separate report by the Sunday Telegraph.
By almost a 2:1 margin, a bipartisan group of senators last month passed the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2011, legislation which should crack down on China's artificial under-valuation of its currency and level the playing field for U.
The issue of its under-valuation is in the process of being brought to a head in the next month or so, as the US Treasury is scheduled to report to Congress before the middle of April whether, in its opinion, China should be officially labelled as a "currency manipulator".
In particular, QVT asked the CMB to suspend or extend the tender offer in order to give Sportif and QVT time to address issues raised by QVT, including: (1) the gross under-valuation of Sportif, (2) the absence of meaningful disclosure as to the terms on which a second-stage merger between Sportif and Futbol will take place following conclusion of the tender offer, (3) the failure of Sportif and Futbol to comply with the CMB's mandate regarding the repayment of over TRY 343 million of illicit loans extended by Sportif to Futbol and other related parties, (4) the failure by Sportif to distribute outstanding dividends, and (5) the improper use of Sportif's assets as financing for the loan arranged to fund Futbol's tender offer.
the reasons for this under-valuation are multiple and complex, but include a
The idea of a company's buying back its own shares is relatively new to India, but as development continues firms are finding that buybacks can have the effects of adjusting capital structures, boosting profits and earnings per share, deterring impending takeover bids, correcting under-valuation and arresting downward stock prices.
Given this degree of under-valuation, economists, investment professionals and real estate analysts predict an inevitable property appreciation curve for Argentina over the next decade.
The broker also argued that yesterday's WH Smiths demerger announcement was likely to highlight the under-valuation of Menzies Distribution.
There are a growing number of people who are concerned about the under-valuation of the yuan, and there's a good chance the issue will reach the senate floor for debate before this year's midterm elections.
If the cycle follows its usual pattern, we are going to have a respite from heavy-stress as the pendulum swings from under-valuation where farming is unsustainable to overvaluation where consumer interest is discouraged.
Our workers and manufacturers have been disadvantaged by China's market manipulation and currency under-valuation,'' said House of Representatives Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter, a Republican from California, who introduced a bill Thursday to impose punitive tariffs and safeguard measures against imports from China if Beijing is found to be manipulating its currency rate.
Like the US initiated under-valuation of the yen and the opening of the US market to Japanese textiles, this constituted a deliberate intervention to accelerate the growth of the Japanese manufacturing sector.
Nonetheless, some 87 members of Congress recently Signed and sent a letter to President Bush regarding the perceived under-valuation of the Chinese yuan.
many mothers are very aware of the contradictory messages that abound about motherhood and the clash between the economic self-interest that dominates society and the under-valuation of the care they provide' (80).