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Goodhart finds empirical support for this uncorrelatedness proposition.
This statistic was found to be Q*(32)=34.43 and the corresponding p-value=0.35; hence it accepts the null hypothesis of uncorrelatedness of residuals.
Uncorrelatedness of the noise vectors is, for example, invoked in the derivation of the least squares estimator.
The uncorrelatedness of the residuals is tested using estimates R(l) of the lag l correlation matrices that consist of the elements
But in this case, a Hausman test rejects uncorrelatedness of the remaining regressors and state-specific effects; the resulting chi-square (17) equals 207.4, with a 1% critical value of 33.4.
The fact that the error term assumption appeals to the notion of uncorrelatedness (rather than the absence of causal relation) might give the impression that it could be inferred from the relevant correlations.
Though not reported in Table II, the values of Hansen's J-statistic were generally small throughout, indicating uncorrelatedness of the residuals with the GMM instrument set (i.e., the residuals behave like forecast errors.) These diagnostic results, along with the absence of further serial correlation and unit roots, support the view that our estimates are consistent.
Note that independence of the underlying components is a stronger condition than uncorrelatedness, e.g., for the BSS problem, there might be many dependent but uncorrelated representations of the observed signals and these uncorrelated but dependent representations of the observed signals cannot separate the mixed sources [22].
The "uncorrelatedness" assumption used to derive (20[prime]) can also be employed without using the polarity and proportionality assumptions needed to derive (20).