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Antonyms for uncle

the brother of your father or mother

a source of help and advice and encouragement

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There have been several influxes of population since: the Romans, Danes, Saxons, Normans, old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all. These are all in the past, and we must take the situation as we find it.
And in the exquisite countryside you'll find villages like Widecombe - famous for its fair and song, Uncle Tom Cobleigh And All!
United need Owen, the newly arrived Robert replacement Albert Luque, Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all if times are going to get better.
The inspectors say that before they can make a recommendation on a planning application to the minister responsible they must have a report from the highways people, another from the environment people, then there's the badger protection people, the people representing the interests of birds and newts, people who are newly moved into an area, Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all.