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the learned profession that is mastered by graduate study in a law school and that is responsible for the judicial system

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Clearly there is an unauthorized practice of law problem, at least if we accept the analysis of a majority of the cases.
The conclusion is drawn that legal software can and has been found to constitute the unauthorized practice of law in minority states, and might very well be found to constitute the unauthorized practice of law in majority states as well.
102) See Brandon Schwarzentraub, Electronic Wills & the Internet: Is LegalZoom Involved in the Unauthorized Practice of Law or is Their Success Simply Ruffling the Legal Profession's Feathers?
The Court also felt that the Penal Code provisions restricting the unauthorized practice of law did not apply to liability insurers' defense of their insureds.
To learn more about UPL and the 2003 decision, read the September/October 2003 Catalyst article, "Crossing the Line: What CPAs Need to Know About the Unauthorized Practice of Law," available online to Ohio Society members at www.
Even though his daughter could have done the paperwork herself legally, for him to do it was a violation of the state's unauthorized practice of law statute.
Because no injunctive relief was requested, it declined to rule on whether the adjuster's actions constituted the unauthorized practice of law.
Assembly Bill 1138 (Strom-Martin) provides consumers with some added protection by allowing them to pursue full restitution, if products are sold by trust mills engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.
firms and are actively forming and acquiring law firms in Europe where the unauthorized practice of law rules are significantly less stringent.
ALDAP's mission is to promote the integrity of the LDA profession, generate awareness about non-attorney legal service providers, protect the public by educating consumers about self-representation and the unauthorized practice of law, promoting professional responsibility, and integrating LDA services with the legal community and the general public.
The Fourth DCA agreed with the dismissal, but said there was a private cause of action as long as there was "'a Supreme Court determination on the unauthorized practice of law [as] a prerequisite.
The appellate court ruled there was no unauthorized practice of law because the proceedings were "largely routine," involved factual issues related to "minimal amounts," and contained no "complex and intricate legal problems.
Critics also say that title company "closers" -- who are not trained to identify potential legal problems -- would engage in the unauthorized practice of law and put consumers at greater risk.
Coverage encompasses the regulation of lawyers and paralegals, the unauthorized practice of law, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, advertising and solicitation, fees and client funds, competence and malpractice, special issues in advocacy, and professionalism and pro bono work.