copyright infringement

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a violation of the rights secured by a copyright

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Take security measures to deter the modification, alteration, destruction, or unauthorized copying of proprietary software.
Security features include unauthorized copy control, which embeds special messages on a printed document to prevent unauthorized copying, and a data overwrite security system option, which overwrites latent data information stored on the printer's hard drive after printing jobs to prevent unauthorized access.--Ricoh Americas Corp.
The UMG label warns against unauthorized copying and indicates that the CD is licensed for personal use only, prohibits "resale or transfer of possession," and "reserve(s) all rights under U.S.
The act also broadened both the scope and duration of statutory copyright protection, allowing authors to prevent not only unauthorized copying but also a broad range of "derivative" uses.
In addition, HDMI includes support for HDCP, an encryption technology for safeguarding copyright material by preventing unauthorized copying. The copy protection capability is expected to contribute to a steady expansion in the distribution of high-definition video content such as movies.
district court rejected out-of-hand the defendant's proffered fair use defense as a justification for unauthorized copying of plaintiffs' audio CDs.
It can also be tricky to define, but generally includes the unauthorized copying of a protected work.
Among the 300 professors surveyed, 79% stated they considered unauthorized copying to be wrong, while none reported obtaining software illegally.
It aims to standardize and toughen national laws against the unauthorized copying of copyrighted or patented products on a commercial scale.
Currently, databases are only afforded limited protection against unauthorized copying under the U.S.
Earlier this year, Cuba arrested 75 so-called dissidents--a group that included 26 independent journalists--and sentenced them to 28 years in prison for "crimes" that included possessing a tape recorder, having an unauthorized copying machine, or publishing articles in the foreign media.
The authentication technology ensures that protected content is only transferred between compliant devices and media, and that protected content is recorded and transferred in an encrypted format to prevent unauthorized copying or playback.
Privacy policies and procedures must adequately safeguard the information from theft, loss and unauthorized copying, modification or disclosure.
AntsSoft has released HTMLProtector v2.0, a website protection program that encrypts your web page HTML source code and protects your website from unauthorized copying, spam robots and website rippers.
On the flip side, franchisors can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized trademark use by using software technology and technical tricks to deter unauthorized copying of their marks.
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