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the administrative arm of the United Nations

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English is one of the two working languages of the UN Secretariat and one of the organization's six official languages.
Parmi les nouveaux portefeuilles figurent celui de la Lutte contre la corruption, fleau qui gangrene la vie politique libanaise, et pour la premiere fois un secretariat d'Eetat pour la Femme et un autre pour les droits de l'Homme.
Qatar News Agency (QNA) quoted a Foreign Ministry source saying that the decision to lift the Arab coalition from the UN secretary general's report on children and armed conflict came after the UN Secretariat concluded that the information the report was based on were inaccurate and not objective.
Ce comite sera charge de diriger toutes les actions preparatoires liees aux JM 2021 et comprendra un staff et des structures comme un secretariat general et un directeur general des jeux, a-t-il fait savoir.
Asked if there are other alternatives in case the deadlock persists, Ban said: " there are many issues that the Security Council and the UN Secretariat led by Martin Kobler are discussing," without providing further explanation.
A decade in the making, former staff member of the UN Secretariat (1967-2004), Megzari, based his analysis of the UNAEs internal justice system over a 70-year period on more than 3,000 documents.
The report, prepared by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the UN Secretariat, makes use of the national population censuses as well as findings from recent specialized demographic and health surveys that have been carried out around the world.
The management of the UN Secretariat demands that Damascus agree to the establishment of a permanent mechanism for inspection throughout Syrian territory with unlimited access to everywhere .
Among the many countries and regions represented at ambassadorial level were ; The USA, Canada, Austria, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Italy, Argentina, Bosnia, Cuba, Brazil, Fiji, Colombia, Korea, The UN Secretariat, etc.
By adopting the Convention earlier, "we exempted from taxes and military service those citizens of Kyrgyzstan who work at UNDP, UNICEF, UN Secretariat, WHO, etc.
In addition, Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian applied to the UN Secretariat with a letter calling for
The new condominium will have 88 residences with "expansive" interior layouts, views of the UN Secretariat building, the East River, the Chrysler Building and the New York skyline.
SUNA) - Le premier vice-president de la Republique, General Bakri Hassan Salih s'est informe sur le plan du Conseil des doleances de former un comite de restructuration du conseil pour qu'il devient un secretariat general de cercles specialises ainsi que de modifier la loi et les reglements du Comite conformement aux recommandations de l'Assemblee nationale.
Robert Serry, the UN special coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, told reporters that the nameplate read "state of Palestine" because the UN Secretariat "is guided by the membership, which has pronounced itself on this issue" in the November General Assembly vote.
On Thursday, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad said his country was awaiting "news" from the UN secretariat regarding the next step following the UNSMIS, reiterating willingness to cooperate with Brahimi.
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