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the first dynasty of Arab caliphs whose capital was Damascus

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El-Sayeda Zeinab sought refuge in Egypt after the Ummayads slew her brother, el-Hussein, in AD 680.
This was reflected at the time in the dispute between the Ummayads and their Shiite opponents, and in the emergence of non-Shiite pious circles that entertained their own doubts about the piety and hence strict legitimacy of the Ummayyads.
He was disliked because of his open support for the Ummayads, as well as poor living conditions.
But he had a challenger, Mu'awiya of the Ummayads, Uthman's cousin and governor of Damascus.
He carelessly left the safety of Medina for Kufa, where his supporters were rebelling against the Ummayads. Hussein's small convoy was intercepted and slaughtered in the battle of Tuff on the plain of Karbala (Iraq).
D, presents the genealogical tables of the Quraysh, the Ummayads of Damascus and Cordova, the Abbasids, and the Alids.