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the first dynasty of Arab caliphs whose capital was Damascus

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Though they had first been developed by the Ghassanids with Byzantine support, Ummayad rulers up to the eighth century took up periodic residence in such structures to entertain, and dialogue with, nomadic leaders.
Mr Mohsen, his mother Asma Ahmed Ramadan and sister Zakeena Abdulrasool were part of a six-member group from Bahrain who went on a religious visit to the Ummayad Mosque (Great Mosque).
In the Ummayad period, a direct contact between Islam and Christianity gave rise to mysticism, which was influenced by the Islamic faith and principles.
In Wadi Barada, Haddad cleaned, cooked and sang songs for the 76-man battalion known as "Ummayad's revenge."
It highlights the most political and dramatic events that occurred during and after the reign of the Ummayad Caliph Al-Mustansir Billah, the ninth in the Ummaya line in Andalusia.
The Dome of the Rock was built on top of the ruins of the Jewish Temples by Muslim Ummayad Caliph Abd al-Malek hundreds of years later, following the Islamic conquest of the Middle East.
Zayd revolted against the Ummayad Caliphate in 740, believing it to be corrupt, and to this day, Zaydis believe that their imam (ruler of the community) should be both a descendent of Ali (the cousin and son-in-law of the prophet Muhammad) and one who makes it his religious duty to rebel against unjust rulers and corruption.
Implicit delivery of power to the people made Ummayad Caliph needless of opponent's direct confrontation
He is the first Pope ever to step into a Mosque at Ummayad in Damascus.
The state-backed Syrian television channel Al-Ikhbariya meanwhile said a mortar round struck Damascus' historic Ummayad Mosque in the city's old quarter wounding at least nine people.
In this context, the Ummayad and Abbasid civilizations, and their achievements in the domains of ideas, sciences, literature, culture, critical thinking, translation, and even luxury and consumption, have only received interest from a number of orientalists, whom we have met only with scorn.
Khatib lacks an organised power base, so must compensate by playing on his credibility at home, especially in Damascus, where he was formerly imam of the ancient Ummayad Mosque.
To date, Grohe says it has successfully reduced excess water consumption to great effect -- at The Great Ummayad Mosque excess consumption has been reduced by 25 per cent.
El-Zein read from her contribution, which interprets song and literature from the Hijaz under Ummayad rule, analysing how it is reflected through class and gender.