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the Muslim community or people, considered to extend from Mauritania to Pakistan

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He stressed the need of a global action plan against the decision and urged the Muslim Umma to boycott the US on all levels.
They also communicated with terrorist groups in Libya and were trained there to set up militias of UAE Umma Party, which planned a number of terrorist attacks in several Gulf countries, including the UAE, a prosecutor told the court.
The UMMA was formed because Richardson and his associates saw a need to help multicultural people become aware of media content and to become more involved in the field.
Taoufiq, who was invited by the organizers to be the event's keynote speaker, underlined the pertinence of the conference's theme considering the importance of the Ulema's role in enlightening the faithful, preaching wisdom and defending the interests and sacred values of the Umma.
He added "the reason the call is for the Movement's, represented by its president Allawi, and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, and head of the movement in Kut, defamation Umma Party, describing it with bad descriptions such as deviation and homosexuality, indicating that this is documented in the newspaper of the movement.
Sheikh Naim Kassem, the deputy secretary-general of the Lebanese militant group Hizbullah highlighted the importance of unifying efforts to face the challenges that are threatening the Umma.
In 1982, UMMA became an affiliate of the National Black Media Coalition.
The pullout by the Umma Party comes just days after the main southern party, the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement, announced it would boycott the poll in the northern states.
Sudan's Umma opposition party has said it will boycott next week's elections, casting further doubt on the credibility of the upcoming poll.
The main candidates for the presidential elections, apart from the opposition Umma party leader, withdrew from the race this week, saying the vote was already "rigged" for incumbent President Omar Hassan al-Bashir to win.
AaMahdi, 74, heads the influential Umma opposition party and is spiritual leader of "Ansar," a Sufi brotherhood that venerates the famous Mahdi who defeated British colonial forces under General Gordon in 1885.
CAIRO: After leading a long life of political activism, the fez-wearing Sheikh Ahmed Al-Sabahi, president of the Umma Party, died at the age of 94 on Wednesday due to problems with his circulatory system.
Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's deputy leader focussed on what they called the "Iranian-Crusade alliance" saying the Muslim Umma [nation] was being targetted.
THE UMMA AND THE DAWLA THE NATION SATE AND THE ARAB MIDDLE EAST by Tamim Al Barghouti published by Pluto Press ISBN 9780745327709 price 17.