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a Bantu language spoken in Angola

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It is a lie to say that it is the Kikongos, or the Kimbundus or the Umbundus or the mulattos who are traitors.
In Arnott's era, ABCFM missionaries in Angola were often at odds with the Portuguese, who accused them of siding with Umbundu leaders.
Mary Darling Cans had donated to uc Berkeley not only the diaries and scrapbooks but also several Umbundu baskets and other items now at the Phoebe A.
Angola has three main ethnic groups, each speaking a Bantu language: Umbundu 37%, Kimbundu 25%, and Kikongo 13%.
The Portuguese extended the term to non-Kimbundu speaking regions, such as Benguela and its interior, despite the fact that a local term, soma, existed in Umbundu speaking regions.
There are different ethnic groups, the Kikongo, Kimbundu, and Umbundu and it is nationalist ideology which serves their emotional coherence.
para quienes estan escritas ahora esas literaturas, en paises cuyas tasas de analfabetismo alcanzan porcentajes disparatados, y con poblaciones que tienen como primera lengua al umbundu, el mbunda, el kikongo, el lomwe, el tsonga.
At Birkby it will be added to a growing list of languages which covers: Arabic, English, Gujerati, Hungarian, three forms of Kurdish, Sorani, Pashto, Pahari, two forms of Panjabi, Mirpuri, Polish, Farsi, Croatian, Umbundu and Urdu.
Entre los pueblos bantues de Africa central y oriental, particularmente entre los hablantes de kikongo, umbundu y kimbundu existe una palabra/ concepto en el/la cual al menos tres ideas se cruzan y combinan dependiendo de las coordenadas de lugar y tiempo.
German, Silozi, Subia, Umbundu and Shona were almost never used.
Clearly, while some of Calunga's lexicon has terms of African origin--mostly from Kimbundu, Umbundu, and Kikongo (the latter probably to a lesser extent)--, its phonetics/phonology and morphosyntax are on par with the rural, regional Brazilian Portuguese vernacular known as portugues caipira ('Caipira Portuguese').
Indeed, Portuguese officials suspected Americans of undermining their authority by educating the Umbundu in the Angolan highlands.
The commercial economy of the Umbundu trading regimes of the region and of their Portuguese partners on the Atlantic coast was under the shock of a rubber depression which was troubling producers and traders alike.
Lorenzino, "The Umbundu of the Tongas: A Case of Language Retention," manuscript (unpublished Proceedings of the 1997 Annual Conference of African Linguistics, Cornell University).