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the first dynasty of Arab caliphs whose capital was Damascus

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In 634, only two years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it was the Arabs' turn: Up from the Arabian Peninsula came the soldiers of the Islamic Empire, led by the newly established Umayyad dynasty, who completed the conquest of the entire region in 640.
One of the main reasons behind this split was that the Zaidis firmly believed that Shiites should rise up against the Umayyad Dynasty and take revenge for the Battle of Karbala, the late seventh-century clash in which the third Shiite Imam Hussein had been killed.
The exhibition presents over 100 archaeological finds, Islamic calligraphy, decorative arts, and exquisite artefacts from the first centuries of Umayyad and Abbasid rule, centred on their capitals Damascus and Baghdad.
They trace cultural networks from Umayyad Damascus, Abbasid Baghdad
All the powers of the Umayyad rule hierarchy of power applied condign power at the highest level, here are some points:
This introductory example hints at the merits of this work: it makes intensive use of the archaeological record for a time when other, written evidence is sparse or lacking; it puts its main focus, the Umayyad period, in context by examining the early Byzantine period (fourth-seventh centuries); and it illuminates the Umayyads in a way that few have done before.
Muscat: Coinciding with the 43rd National Day celebrations, the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) has issued a commemorative silver coin depicting the Umayyad Dirham that was minted in Oman.
DAMASCUS (TAP) - A mortar round struck the front of Umayyad Mosque, a historical mosque in Syria's capital Damascus, killing four people and wounding 26, state media reported.
He added that Hussein came for reform what the Umayyad corruption and diversion from true Islam; he was true heir of the prophet's message being prepared by heaven to restore to the nation its glory and confidence.
The aftermath of the bombings showed the charred remains of at least one vehicle that rammed a wall surrounding Umayyad Square in the center of the Syrian capital.
Assad Marks Labor Day in Rare Public Visit Syria's President Bashar al-Assad made a rare public visit on Wednesday to the Umayyad electrical plant in Tishreen Garden of Damascus electrical plant in central Damascus to congratulate its workers and Syria's workers on Labor Day
Syrian state news agency Sana has accused rebels of blowing up the 11th-Century minaret of the Umayyad Mosque, while activists say the minaret was hit by Syrian army tank fire.
The minaret of the ancient Umayyad Mosque in the northern coastal city of Aleppo, a famous landmark and cultural treasure, has reportedly been destroyed in savage fighting between rebels and troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.
It dates back to the Umayyad period (7th - 8th century AD).
They said rebels controlled part of the Umayyad Mosque in the walled old city and government troops held another part.