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Recently, the marine algae Ulva lactuca (Chlorophyta) and Gracilaria salicornia (Rhodophyta) were also described as a potential food source by Tabarsa et al.
Table 2 Protein and sugar contents of the crude extract and the ethanol precipitate of Ulva rigida Treatment Total protein Total sugar Crude extract 9.
Fouling-release performance of the coatings toward sporelings (young plants) of the green macroalga, Ulva was evaluated.
The dominance in the diet of the green alga Ulva linza and the red algae Gelidiella and Polysiphonia simplex, as well as the low Levin's index value (Bi = 0.
Benthic macroalgae, such as Gracilaria tikvahiae or Ulva lactuca, can outcompete seagrass for nutrients, resulting in attenuation or blocked light transmission to seagrass beds, increased organic matter, and degraded seagrass condition.
The amount of fluoride adsorbed increases with an increase in adsorbent dosage of Ulva fasciata sp.
Newspapers said Foster's main company Ulva, which supplied insulation for oil rigs, went into liquidation last year with debts of nearly Au1 million ($1.
Court documents show that Mr Foster's company, Ulva Ltd, which had gone into liquidation, faced legal action from one of its suppliers for thousands of pounds, and also owed about pounds 800,000 in tax.
These include Tasmanian wakame, a dark green powder; Patagonian Porphyra, a dark red powder and Nova Scotian Ulva lactuca, a bright green powder.
The ethanolic extracts of a number of Turkish freshwater macrophytes (Potamogeton perfoliatus, Ranunculus tricophyllus and Cladophora glomerata) and marine macroalgae (Dictyota dichotoma, Halopteris scoparia, Posidonia oceanica, Scinaia furcellata, Sargassum natans and Ulva lactuca) were assayed for their in vitro antiprotozoal activity.
So far we don't have any settlement of ulva spores.
5) Ulva (5 miles by 2-1/3 miles) is an island off the mouth of Loch na Keal.