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(NASDAQ: TSLA) has closed the acquisition of California, US-based energy solutions producer and "ultracapacitor" specialist Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
The ultracapacitor is discharged with a constant current and the result is presented in Figure 4.
In addition, in order to achieve slip power recovery function, the DC charges the ultracapacitor when the IGBT is turned OFF during the operation of the boost converter.
The 51V module uses Maxwell's leading 2.85V, 3,400-farad (F) ultracapacitor cell to deliver the company's highest energy and power density available in the market today.
A manufacturer of ultracapacitors has partnered with French firm Flying Whales to develop large-capacity airships.
*Lower operating costs: Ultracapacitors do not require replacement
More specifically, Figure 3 shows the way in which during the synchronization and data transmission phase of SA-MAC the duty cycle is adapted by reducing the duty cycle when the charge of the ultracapacitor decreases, therefore improving the node's lifetime.
Zubieta and Bonert [9] provided a model for the terminal behavior of an ultracapacitor based on physical reasoning.
It was originally designed by Dimac, Maxwell's ultracapacitor distribution partner in Italy.
The organization this year is investing $5.5 million in research and development programs ranging from a squad-based power network and hybrid ultracapacitor technology to efficiency improvements in electronic systems and devices that harvest kinetic energy.
Looking a little like a cross between a double helix and a barber shop pole, the Greenerator design calls for a wind turbine, a half-dome shaped compartment for the generator, a controller, ultracapacitor, inverter and a solar panel attached to a balcony edge with a rail clamp and floor screws.
<p>US manufacturer of ultracapacitor technologies, Ioxus Inc, yesterday announced the appointment of Mark McGough as president and chief executive officer.</p><p>McGougha[euro](tm)s new role will be to assist the company in its on-going mission to become a high-volume manufacturer, developer and provider of ultracapcitor-based energy storage and power delivery solutions to the transportation, military and alternative energy markets .</p><p>Before his appointment at Ioxus McGough served as CEO of Pentadyne Power Corporation and Envita Corporation and Energetics plc.</p>
One mid-duty vehicle is equipped with a Nuvera PowerFlow fuel cell rated 5 kW coupled with a 48 V Optima battery pack: The second mid-duty vehicle combines an 8 kW Hydrogenics HyPM fuel cell with a Maxwell Technologies ultracapacitor bank consisting of 44 ultracapacitors.