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Synonyms for revenge



  • avenge
  • repay
  • vindicate
  • pay (someone) back
  • take revenge for
  • requite
  • even the score for
  • get your own back for
  • make reprisal for
  • take an eye for an eye for

Synonyms for revenge

Synonyms for revenge

action taken in return for an injury or offense

take revenge for a perceived wrong

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En Medea, por su parte, observamos un ambito del crimen relacionado con el asesinato producto de la venganza (ultio (9), vindicta (10)), aunado a sus habilidades de hechicera como instrumento para la materializacion del crimen planeado.
(23) Cicero later supplemented this notion of just cause with the recovery of lost goods (rebus repetendis), punishment (ultio), and "defense of territory, citizens, or even a city-state's independent existence." (24) Augustine seemed initially to adopt Cicero's argument without change.
Con tan solo dieciocho anos el joven Dario escribe el largo poema "El porvenir", en cuyo ultio verso expresa su esperanza en el futuro de in America hispanica: "America es el porvenir del mundo!" (387, parte IX, v.
prima est haec ultio quod se iudice nemo nocens absolvitur, improba quamvis gratia fallaci praetoris vicerit urea." ["Any performance that sets an evil example displeases even its author himself: to begin with, punishment lies in the fact that no man, if guilty, is ever acquitted with himself as judge, though he may have won in the courtroom bribing the praetor in charge, or stuffing the urn with false ballots."]).
Et prompta est ultio uati) contro Proculo, il quale, sebbene scriva molto, non pubblica nulla (vv.