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(Norse mythology) one of the Aesir known for his beauty and skill with bow and skis


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This remarkable feat has been achieved due to Airbus' latest wide-bodied aircraft, the Airbus A350-900 ULR, which was inducted into Singapore Airlines' fleet on September 22 while six more have been ordered, reports CNN.
For the three greenhouses, the Unit leaf area (ULR) increased up to the 45 days period and declined thereafter (Fig.
ULR contracts will be priced and sold on a standardized
Some of the ULR group had been communist party members, most notably Raphael Samuel; others, like Stuart Hall and Charles Taylor, had not.
Such material tends to be found on that side of the New Left that was more supportive of Labour as a viable reformist agency; those who developed these points were more likely to be 'younger' members and, with the exception of Ken Alexander and John Hughes, to write for Universities and Left Review (ULR) rather than The New Reasoner.
The event was supported and promoted by RCN union learning representative Paul Richards, who is a very motivated and enthusiastic RCN ULR and has been successfully supporting learning and development for nurses and healthcare support workers within Aneurin Bevan LHB for the past two years.
The first tournament is the ULR Rugby Sevens Tournament, in Bury St Edmunds, in which the North Wales side drawn in what has been described as the "Group of Death" alongside Leicester Tigers, HFW Wailers and Templars.
For the past two years, Lowe Finance has provided finance and insurance services for the ULR Automotive group.
The organiza tion's website lists the member compa nies along with a brief description of the types of products manufactured and each company's ULR.
When the New Reasoner and the Universities and Left Review (ULR) amalgamated and the first number of the New Left Review appeared at the beginning of 1960, I was a foundation subscriber.
The oral material is interwoven with analysis in chapters on identity and consciousness, the dynamics of workplace activism, collective mobilization, the contested role of the ULR, migrant worker activists, and ideological dimensions.
The first was a ULR (Ultra Long Range) single-shot from The Gun Room LLC, a small Montana company run by Pete Noreen and his son Phil.