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(Norse mythology) one of the Aesir known for his beauty and skill with bow and skis


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Marksoo, Ulle and Kaili Jarv (2008) "Risk groups of the labour market".
'One of the biggest wrenches for the Seto was being cut off from their places of worship and their ancestors,' says Ulle Parnoja.
Both results have been achieved in collaboration with Ulle Endriss and Alessandro Farinelli.
Etymology: This species is named after my wife, Mrs Ulle Jae, who has tolerated my lengthy collecting trips and absences from home.
Institute of History and Archaeology, University of Tartu, Lossi 3, 51003 Tartu, Estonia; ulle.tarkiainen@ut.ee
Hic ostendit autor quomodo peccatum barattarie et ipsi barattatores sunt ab omnibus deridendi; nam vituperosus ulle sonus derisionem significat.
In Tamil, she is best remembered for her song Poraley in Karutwhichi won her a National award in 1995, apart from Povoma Oorgolam (Chinnathambi), En Ulle (Valli), Maasi Masam ( D h a r m a d u r a i ) , Aatamma Therottama (Captain Praba karan), Usilambatti (Gentleman), Muqaala Muqabla (Kadhalan), Evano OruvanAlaipayuthey and Malai Kovil (Veera).
"Since the Middle Ages a special marzipan prescription has been prepared and sold here for the heart to relieve the pain of love," the Telegraph quoted Ulle Noodapera, a pharmacist at the drug, as saying.he added: "We keep making the special marzipan because the need for such a medicine has continued over the centuries, and patients with symptoms of love pain keep turning up seeking the cure." (ANI)
By late afternoon, as we trudged back up the footpath, having thoroughly investigated old-town Thorshavn, its harbor, museums, and churches, with--who else should we run into?--our Swedish friends, Teddy and Ulle, a dense mist started to slide in stealthily from the sea.
The list includes names of politicians and legislators who belong to ruling Awami National Party (ANP), Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), PPP (Sherpao), Pakistan Muslim League (Q), and Jamiat ulle Islam (F).
He still retained his ACU production Ulle on a Norton which he sold to help pay for his pounds 3,000 Yamaha.
Ein textlinguistisches Repetitorium<< Stojana Bracica, Ulle Fix i Albrechta Greula Ljubljana: Filozofska fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani, Oddelek za germanistiko z nederlandistiko in skandinavistiko, 2007., 133 stranice
For instance, the Estonian philologist Ulle Parli cites the inequality between the Russian and Estonian languages and literatures in the curriculum of the post-1945 Estonian secondary school as evidence of the Soviet state's consistent attempts to "implant an alien [ideological-cum-ethnic] worldview into the minds of Estonians." (2)