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a Christian believed to be of Cappadocian descent who became bishop of the Visigoths in 341 and translated the Bible from Greek into Gothic

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Se encuentran tambien citas biblicas que siguen la version de RV en "Del culto de los libros" (1951), (11) "Formas de una leyenda" (1952), (12) "La metafora" (1952), (13) "El destino de Ulfilas" (1953), (14) "El dios y el rey" (1954) (15) e incluso en poemas o prosas poeticas como "Paradiso XXXI, 108" (1954) (16) o "Lucas XXIII" (1961).
Isidore even singles out the inventor of the Visigothic alphabet, stating to his credit that the "bishop Ulfilas fashioned Gothic letters and rendered the Scriptures of the New and Old Testaments into this language," but adding that his Arianism was an "evil blasphemy" and a "rank perfidy" (qtd.
Ulfilas, the Bishop, scratched his head and mused that, as a younger man, he had once had a full head of hair.
It includes such outstanding figures as Jerome, Ulfilas, Cyril, Tyndale, and Luther.
167 se alude a la traduccion de la Biblia al gotico, hecha por el obispo Ulfilas en la segunda mitad del siglo IV (probablemente entre el 360 y el 382), y de ella se dice: "The Gothic version is the earliest translation of the Bible whose translator is known".
Ulfilas carried the Arian form of Christian faith to the Goths and Vandals and other Central European tribes.
It is important to note that this explicit identification, which is stronger in emphasis than a mere `as if' comparison, was originally reserved exclusively for bishops -- until George of Pisidia in the seventh century applies it to both the Emperor Heraclius and the Patriarch Sergius.(35) Examples from the fourth and fifth centuries are Ulfilas the bishop of the Goths,(36), Gregory the Wonderworker,(37) Jacob of Nisibis(38) and Pope Sixtus.(39) In the writings of patristic authors, then, Moses serves as the mode of preference for the ideal bishop.(40)
This emphasis is found repeatedly in Maximinus' Commentary on the Acts of Aquileia, as when Maximinus remarks approvingly on Palladius' claim that God the Father is the only ingenerate and interprets Arius' confession of one true God, alone ingenerate, alone eternal as meaning that God is ingenerately eternal, ingenerately good, ingenerately immortal, and ingeneratety, invisible.(23) Or again in the Letter of Auxentius on the creed of Ulfilas, where Maximinus notes that Ulfilas knew that the one true God is the one ingenerate.(24) Arguments for the fundamental character of the ingenitus-genitus distinction in the theologies n providing eternal life.
In acest cadru se inscrie activitatea sfintilor Ioan Cassian, Dionisie cel Mic, Vasile cel Mare, Ulfila, in Moesia II sau Scythia si Niceta din Remesiana in Dacia Mediterranea.