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the Slavic language spoken in the Ukraine

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The project "Local Culture and Diversity on the Prairies" was a shared initiative supported by federal and provincial governments and several research partners, documenting everyday life, ethno-cultural identity and regional variation among people of Ukrainian, French, German and English heritage prior to 1939 on the prairies.
Yanukovych also said that Ukrainians had to be more realistic about their relations with the European Union and press ahead with required reforms to move from "Euro-romanticism to Euro-pragmatism."
Kiev -- The administrative centre of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church returned from Lviv in the West to the country's capital, Kiev, on August 21, 2005, whence it had been expelled by the Communists many decades ago.
Yet, in the middle of this commotion, Ukrainians from the west and the east gave us a unique example of how valuable democracy is.
May 17 is National Shirt Day for Ukrainians across the world and the community in Coventry will be gathering at one of the city's most iconic buildings to celebrate.
ALTHOUGH SCOTT TAYLOR provides a lot of disturbing but accurate information about "Nazi war monuments in Canada" and the activities of the Ukrainian 14th Galizien Waffen Division during WWII, he fails to provide a historical explanation for its existence.
In spite of a long period of imperial subordination and under the most adverse of circumstances, Ukrainians found the strength to launch an impassioned political and armed struggle to defend their right to nationhood.
There is no need to explain in detail how many parties contributed to Ukrainian nation building during the third traumatic period (1939-47): uniting most Ukrainian territories under the auspices of Soviet Ukraine and Nazi Germany, killing or deporting non-Ukrainians and Ukrainians alike, creating military and paramilitary units, stressing otherness even toward population groups with whom the Ukrainians had allied earlier.
He said the Ukrainians assisted to develop the key industries and national economy of Pakistan in 1960-70's.
Through a variety of different media, Jews and Ukrainians explores the political, societal, and economic arms within the coexisting but rarely converging Eastern European Jewish and Ukrainian communities.
Of course, one does have to admit that the Canadian government's response in both instances may not have been wholly altruistic since Ukrainians constitute the ninth largest ethnic group in the country and arguably exert more influence than their numbers might suggest because they are well organized and because of the younger, more activist leadership of their umbrella organization, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.
Canada's Ukrainians are the descendants of economic migrants who first came to the country 125 years ago, and in subsequent waves after World War II and over the last decade.
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