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Synonyms for Uigur

a member of a people who speak Uighur and live in Xinjiang and adjacent areas

the Turkic language spoken by approximately 7,000,000 Uighur in extreme northwestern China

the script (derived from Aramaic) used to write the Uighur language


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The texts date from the time of the domination of the Uigurs (744-840 and 866-1368), by the end of which Manicheism had long since ceded its supremacy to Buddhism (beginning of the eleventh century), with only small Manichean groups surviving into the thirteenth century; it is assumed, however, that many of the Middle Persian and Parthian manuscripts were copies of manuscripts from the third-sixth centuries (p.
Xinjiang posee tres caracteristicas de gran importancia para el gobierno chino: 1) la poblacion mas numerosa de Xinjiang es de etnia uigur de religion musulmana y lengua turquica; 2) "Xinjiang tiene la reserva de gas natural mas grande de China (35 por ciento del total) y, a partir de 2008, es la segunda region con la mayor capacidad de produccion de petroleo con 27.4 millones de toneladas diarias".
An, "Association of rs1805127 polymorphism of KCNE1 gene with atrial fibrillation in Uigur population of Xinjiang" Chinese Journal of Medical Genetics, vol.
China's government has blamed the riots on overseas Uigur groups which it says are terrorists agitating for greater Uighur rights in their Xinjiang homeland.
(66) Note that the BRGY defines Bruza ~ Brusa as 'an old name for a part of Uigur Xinjang': Brusa | Sinca) Yugu rigs ra)skyo) ljo)skho)skyi lu)pa-ziggi mi) rni).
De hecho la organizacion cuenta con una oficina antiterrorista, la Estructura Antiterrorista Regional (mas conocida por el acronimo RATS (del ingles, Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure) con sede en la capital de Uzbekistan, Tashkent, desde 2004 (25), a lo que se une que el Departamento de Estado norteamericano haya incluido desde el 26 de agosto de 2002 en su listado de organizaciones terroristas al Movimiento Islamico de Liberacion del Turquestan Oriental y de forma indirecta a la Dongtu (la Organizacion de Liberacion del Turquestan Oriental, el Congreso Mundial de la Juventud Uigur y el Centro de Informacion del Turquestan Oriental)(Soto, 2004c), a lo que hay que unir la creciente influencia del terrorismo islamista en la region (26) (McNeal y Dumbaugh, 2002).
"After the (Shaoguan) incident, the three forces abroad strived to beat this up and seized it as an opportunity to attack us, inciting street protests," Xinjiang governor and a Uigur hmself, Nuer Baikeli, said in a speech shown on Xinjiang television.
That "race" in the sense of ethnicity does not matter would be welcome news to the Tibetans, Uigur, Dai, Zhuang Mien, Hmong, Tsat and other cruelly suppressed ethnic minorities.