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German romantic poet (1787-1862)

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These samples were taken in rings of 2.5 cm height and 7.4 cm diameter, with an Uhland sampler.
Two summers ago, I built a natural swimming pool based on the instructions from your article "How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool" by Douglas Buege and Vicky Uhland (August/ September 2002).
Furthermore, Uhland stated, in the spirit of Schelling's ideas above, that "[t]o be romantic is to have an inkling of the infinite in appearances." Additionally, Schelling likewise affirmed that "[b]eauty is a finite rendering of the infinite." (apud Babbitt 1919: 293) In fact, Schelling had proposed a quite complex finite-infinite equation which Babbitt does not mention in detail.
Up to now, some methods of determining slip velocity were proposed, such as Mooney method [52], Uhland method [61], and so on.
Authors such as Friederich Schiller, Ludwig Uhland, Emanuel Geibel, Karl Gerok, and Josef Eichendorff were among the favorites.
A densidade do solo (Ds) foi determinada em amostras com estrutura indeformada pelo metodo do anel volumetrico, que foram coletadas em aneis de 48 mm de diametro por 53 mm de altura, com o trado de Uhland, nas profundidades de 0,00-0,10; 0,10-0,20; 0,20-0,30 e 0,30-0,40 m, sendo as amostras secas a 105[degrees]C por 24 horas (Embrapa, 2011).
That applies to bank customers and credit union members as well,” said Joe Uhland, President of SQN Banking Systems.
Prompted by her desire to help fellow Filipinos badly hit by Supertyphoon "Yolanda" (international name: Haiyan), Madonna Limcaco Uhland, a resident of Switzerland, buckled down to work to do her bit by making a Christmas card.
This fact may necessitate the need for individual instruction to prevent dropout of adult students (Quigley, 1995; Quigley & Uhland, 2000).
Amostras com estrutura preservada foram coletadas com o auxilio de um amostrador do tipo "Uhland", utilizando-se cilindros de aco inoxidavel com 0,05 m de diametro e 0,05 m de altura.
Now a Lutheran pastor in the town of Uhland, south of Austin, Goeke is so captivated with his heritage that he sometimes impersonates Kilian, the pastor who led the Ben Nevis group to Texas, at Wendish events.
(46.) Grau, JE, Uhland, SA, Moon, J, Cima, MJ, Sachs, EM, "Controlled Cracking of Multilayer Ceramic Bodies." J.
In Windhoek, the organic apples are available at Food Lover's Market in Olympia and the Saturday Biomarket in Uhland Street.
Amostras (60) com estrutura indeformada tambem foram coletadas com amostrador tipo Uhland (aneis de 100 cm3), as quais foram saturadas, pesadas, colocadas em mesa de tensao adaptada, seguindo-se a metodologia de Lima e Silva (2008), e submetidas as tensoes de 10; 40; 50; 60 e 100 centimetros de coluna de agua (cca).