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one of the two branches of the Finno-Ugric family of languages

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These were the so-called Ugrians, comprising Finns, Lapps, Hungarians and other tribes;(40) the ancient Pruthenians (Prussians), the Letts and Lithuanians, too, had peopled Europe long before the advent of the Celts, Goths, and Slavs.(41) Prichard paid due tribute to the fact that the history of European migrations grew increasingly complex.
Prichard thought that the term 'Ugrian' was misleading, as it also applied to one particular Asiatic tribe; see his Researches, 3rd edn, vol.
Since it is hard to understand how the enigmatic difference between front vocalism in the reflexes of Uralic 'two' in Samoyed and Ugrian and back vocalism in Finno(-Permian) can help in solving the problem of difference in vocalism between Ugrian 'four' and Ugrian (FU) 'eight', this V.
AInd.--Ancient Indian, F.--Finnish, F.-Mord.--Finno-Mordvinian, F.-Perm.--Finno-Permian, F.-Volg.--Finno-Volgaic, fam.--language family, FU--Proto-Finno-Ugrian, Hung.--Hungarian, IE--Proto-Indo-European, Jap.--Japanese, Kor.--Korean, Mo.--Proto-Mongolian, Mord.--Mordvinian, N--northern, Osset.--Ossetian, Ost.--Ostyak, Perm.--Proto-Permian, Sam.--Proto-Samoyed, Selk.--Selkup, Slav.--Proto-Slavic, Toch.--Tocharian, Tu.--Proto-Turkic, Tung.--Proto-Tungus, U--Proto-Uralic, Ug.-- (Proto- / common) Ugrian, UYu.--Proto-Uralo-Yukaghir, Vog.--Vogul, Voty.--Votyak, Yu.--Yukaghir, Zyr.--Zyrian.