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an extinct Semitic language of northern Syria

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He noted that the Ugaritic language is the closest language to the Arabic and that the locals in Lattakia are still using words which belong to the Ugaritic language
In terms of morphology, it is difficult to maintain that the Ugaritic language possessed matres lectionis at all, (36) and so it is no doubt better to interpret the -n and -y of hlny as expansion particles, or enclitics: demonstrative particle ha(n) + enclitic li + enclitic -ni + enclitic -ya.
Sanmartin, A Dictionary of the Ugaritic Language in the Alphabetic Tradition (Leiden: Brill, 2003), 1.268, 1.325, 2.666, 2.884, respectively.
This resulted in the Ugaritic language, and the endless arguments about its identity as "Canaanite."
The local alphabet was almost never used to write texts in any but the local Ugaritic language, while the imported cuneiform script was never used to write texts in Ugaritic.
One reads (between the lines) that this era was interrupted inter alia by the discovery of the Ugaritic language. It is interesting to see that Moran had to justify his renewed interest in the Amarna letters by emphasizing their contribution to Ugaritic studies (p.
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