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an extinct Semitic language of northern Syria

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Annie Caubet presents an account of musical instruments from Ugarit known from a textual or material context.
in western peripheral Akkadian without feminine marker -i, note ti-ka-as-su-us-ma in an incantation addressing fever from Ugarit (AuOr Suppl.
In a statement to SANA, Head of Ugarit dance band Ouqba Wakeel said that the show introduced the audience to Syria's popular culture and folklore, underlining the importance of such festivals in spreading the power of optimism among the Syrian people in order to confront the war waged on their country.
In this book Mark Smith offers us a fascinating perspective on warfare in Israel and Ugarit. After a brief introduction, the book opens by looking at the basic data on pre- and postbattle practices and by defending his method of looking at history.
Ghannoum's exhibition, from 8th to 16th of June, includes 26 Arabic-character paintings whose themes focus on the homeland, Damascus and the ancient cities of Ugarit, Ebla, Maaloula.
There was Turtle Bay and The Chinese Buffet late last year, followed by Lebanese restaurant Ugarit on Cross Church Street and Eric Paxman's Pax Burger and specialist chicken restaurant No 10 Kitchen opened in Lindley.
Upon his return, Idrimi re-establishes his rule and extends it from Syrian Coast to Aleppo and from Kizzuwatna to Ugarit kingdom, including al-Ghab Plain.
In this work he looks at Leviticus in the context of other cultures of the time: Egyptian, Hittite, Ugarit and others.
As for private or personal archives, the motivation for their compilation is more uncertain, given the variety of materials preserved in them, keeping in mind that in Ugarit there was seemingly a more or less "private" cult, (3) which might be reflected in the categories of texts preserved by individuals.
Council planning officials took umbrage over the wooden sign outside the newlyrefurbished Ugarit Lebanese restaurant.
The mural, placed at ELAM museum, is six meterslong and three meters high containing a photo ofPresident Bashar al-Assad, Syrian eagle holdingthe Syrian flag, Syrian soldiers in uniforms aswell as a photo of the first Alphabet in historyfrom Ugarit site in Lattakia.
When the Ugarit text often called The Birth of the Beautiful Gods was first published in 1933, it attracted much scholarly attention because it displays a combination of ritual and mythic material unique in the Ugaritic corpus.
Unfortunately [UG.sup.2] appeared just over a year before the latest--third--edition of Die Keilalphabetischen Texte aus Ugarit / Cuneiform Alphabet Texts from Ugarit (KT[U.sup.3]), the standard edition of all Ugaritic texts, in January 2014 (Dietrich, Loretz, Sanmartin 2013), and so the citations in [UG.sup.2] to the most recently published texts are according to the editiones princepes rather than by their new KT[U.sup.3] numbers.
Huddersfield town centre restaurant Ugarit was ordered to remove its sign just a few weeks after it launched in the summer.
A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA that terrorists fired four rocket shells at the city, three of which hit al-Azizieha neighborhood while the fourth hit Ugarit Street, injuring seven civilians who were rushed to al-Razi hospital.