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Indian sitar player who popularized classical Indian music in the West (born in 1920)


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Her archive enables an account of the Centre beyond a history of celebrity, which is to say, an account not centred on the master Uday Shankar or his pupils such as Zohra Segal (nee Khan) and Guru Dutt, who would have illustrious careers in the theatre and cinema.
Speakers at the summit include Uday Shankar, chief executive of television channel STAR India.
Uday Shankar, CEO of Star, said: "We are confident that Star CJ Alive will soon be living up to its promise of transforming lifestyles for its audience."
Born in Rampur in 1917, it was in 1937 that she first worked for a theatre group, the Uday Shankar Theatre Company, and blossomed into a fine actress eventually making a name for herself in the '40s and '50s while working for the celebrated Pirthvi Theatre.
"Samsung is dedicated to creating appliances that provide efficiency in the home, and a modern design to fit the kitchen of our consumers," said Uday Shankar, Marketing Manger of home appliances at Samsung Gulf Electronics.
Mamata follows the style developed by her father, the legendary Uday Shankar Eoe1/4Eowhich has the grammar of classical Indian dance and yet is innovative, contemporary and not shackled by classicism,Eoe1/4A[yen] says Mamata.
Dancers of every variety came to New York on tour in those days; Bolender attended the performances of, among others, Uday Shankar, who developed his own blend of Indian and Western dance and was briefly Anna Pavlova's partner, and the German modernists Harald Kreutzberg and Mary Wigman.
Joining his oldest brother, Uday Shankar, in Paris--where Uday had a troupe, the Company of Hindu Dancers and Musicians--Ravi was introduced to Europe at age ten.
The Nobel prize-winning poet and author Rabindranath Tagore and the innovative dancer Uday Shankar also visited the West in the early twentieth century.
My father, Uday Shankar was a pioneer of fusion back in the 1920s, he choreographed two items for Anna Pavlova (for her Oriental Impressions pr ogramme).
Much of that impact can be attributed to specific individuals, and Farrell traces in detail the 'journeys to the West' of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Rabindranath Tagore and Uday Shankar; Shankar's younger brother Ravi also looms large but, strangely, does not have a section to himself, perhaps because he has achieved popular recognition in the West with comparatively little compromise of his classical art.
"The first thing I did yesterday (Thursday) was to call my parents in New Delhi," Dubai resident Uday Shankar told Khaleej Times.
Commenting on the successful bid, Uday Shankar, chairman of Star India, told the media: "India, cricket and IPL have changed dramatically since (the first IPL in) 2008, and this bid is a reflection of that.
Her dance follows the lineage of Uday Shankar and she calls it the "Shankar Technique of New Dance".