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a person with great powers and abilities

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Nietzsche sees the Ubermenschen through an elite example of certain artists, philosophers, and saints (for example, Shakespeare and his great work Hamlet).
ich komme ewig wieder zu diesem gleichen und selbigen Leben, im Grossten und auch im Kleinsten, dass ich wieder aller Dinge ewige Wiederkunft lehre--dass ich wieder das Wort spreche vom grossen Erden- und Menschen -Mittage, dass ich wieder den Menschen den Ubermenschen kunde.
Das Problem der Personlichkeit und Ubermenschen (= PP), Verl.
So might the comparative case of religiosity best be understood for many people--not for the ubermenschen of Nietzsche's imaginings, but for at least some of the great many human beings who have lived their lives in natural families and worshipped a deity.
16) Another example for the transactional dimension of the Ubermensch from the Zarathustra-notes: "Die Liebe zum Ubermenschen ist dus Heilmittel gegen das Mitleid mit den Menschen" (KSA 10: 100).
Reviewing some recent speculations about "postbiological man" and transhuman mechanomorphs, Ansell-Pearson sees them as renouncing the "memory" of man that contains the promise of the "overhuman" or the "beyond-man" Put simply, he reminds us that the ("altered") 'raw material' of the human (Mensch) is essential to Nietzsche's vision of the possibility of Ubermenschen in the future.
By a most circuitous route the embrace of Foucault has brought us another form of gendered academic historiography, one that yearns for the Ubermenschen who need only be armed with the now old, but big theory names, and who so girded can dispense with the tame and suspect wisdom associated with the Enlightenment.
For example, the philosophies of Nietzsche and Marx are diametrically opposed: one celebrates the lonely genius, the other the collective, one looks for a new aristocracy of Ubermenschen, the other for the institution of the classless society.
Perhaps the most grotesque error is a gloss of 'Ich lehre euch den Ubermenschen': 'The use of the plural Ubermenschen shows that Zarathustra is not prophesying the coming of a single superior being, but a new human type' (p.
Set in a futuristic society inhabited by genetically perfected humans and "Invalids" - people made the old haphazard way - it has Hawke as an imperfect male trying to pass for one of the ubermenschen.
But here they are seen as no more than fitting for such ubermenschen.
The Ubermenschen, of course, embodied Hitler's own omnipotence, and that of the German people.
In one of his exquisite graphite drawings (based, like his paintings, on period photographs), an extremely low vantage point makes the neoclassical German Pavilion--designed by Hitler's Inspector General of Architecture, Albert Speer, for the 1937 Paris Exposition--shoot up dramatically into the sky behind three muscular, naked Ubermenschen sculpted by Josef Thorak.
As a young man, Levi sought mastery, but his encounter with the Ubermenschen refined his boyhood passions, leaving wisdom as the distillate in the clear glass flask.