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a person with great powers and abilities

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Trionfo della morte constitutes D'Annunzio's first fictional treatment of Nietzsche, naming the philosopher and reflecting on the figures of both Zarathustra and the Ubermensch.
Cada uno de ellos con sus perspectivas, la perspectiva del hombre como rebano, la del hombre como especie y, finalmente, la del humano que anuncia al Ubermensch.
To carry forward the Will to Power's cosmic advance to the Ubermensch, Nietzsche advocated a politics of biologically based elitism.
Within this system of thinking, 'Dionysus' becomes an ideogram for sublimation will to power, and the 'Dionysian man' is now a synonym for Ubermensch, the man in whom will to power has been sublimated into self-mastery and self-creativity" (47) Following this argumentation, it would not be wrong to conclude that Nietzsche's philosophy transforms from a Schopenhauerian dualism, represented in the Apollonian/Dionysian duality, into a Heraclitean-Nietzschean monism, represented in such ideas as eternal recurrence, will to power, Ubermensch and self-overcoming as different forms of the aesthetic principle, idea and experience of the Dionysian.
He enforced the notion of Ubermensch as a universal measure.
Il quarto capitolo rintraccia la transizione dallo Ubermensch nietzschiano al superuomo dannunziano, due figure ben diverse alla luce della metodologia stabilita nel primo capitolo.
Far from embodying the throwback imagined in Lombroso's schema, Tarzan resembles more closely an Ubermensch whose natural superiority places him above social convention and the rule of law as well.
The embodiment of that revolution was the emergence of the hipster, Mailer's ubermensch.
In the second chapter, "The Avatars of Masculinity: How Not to be a Man", Eduardo Mendieta draws on a range of philosophical concepts, from Nietzsche's Ubermensch to Plato's cave, in order to explore the idea that Fight Club's narrator is a parodic Zarathustra, a false American prophet for the consumer age.
But Leggatt does not, as we shall see, qualify as the true ubermensch.
Fittingly given their off-the-charts intelligence, Leopold and Loeb believed themselves Nietzschean Ubermensch supermen, after the teachings of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900).
While Futurists, poets and others claimed aviation as a new frontier for the ubermensch, as early as 1911 many psychologists and army top officers asserted how pilots should follow a standardised and routine training process.
Rather her approach is in accord with the essays in this volume that critique the ideology of heroic individualism, whether embodied by Franklin's self-effacing entrepreneur or the financial Ubermensch, Cowperwood.
Royce argued that Nietzsche's philosophy of the Ubermensch expressed beautifully the struggle of man in his personal quest to discover for himself what his individuality means.
1) Vanesa Lemm argumenta que la palabra Ubermensch, encuentra una mejor traduccion en el termino sobrehumano que en la traduccion tradicional castellana superhombre, ya que la palabra sobre se acerca mas al uso del prefijo ingles over y al aleman uber, que sugieren superioridad, exceso e intensidad y, tambien, el dominio de esto sobre algo o alguien.