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a nongovernmental organization of Pakistani scientists that has been a supporter of terrorism

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Publicacion online del Centro Tecnologico de Transporte, Transito y Seguridad Vial, UTN. Recuperado de: http://www.utn.edu.ar/secretarias/extension/c3tcalendariocosechas.utn
Pero, tambien, la UTN se extiende a cada Estado, con un Director Estatal y los enlaces o coordinadores regionales, los cuales varian de acuerdo a las ADR y el territorio a atender.
Nosotros estamos agradecidos por el apoyo financiero y logistico para la realizacion de esta investigacion a la Universidad Tecnica del Norte (UTN), Instituto Interamericano de Cooperacion para la Agricultura (IICA),Agencia Ecuatoriana para el Aseguramiento de la Calidad del Agro (AGROCALIDAD) y a los dos revisores anonimos por sus aportes sustanciales e importantes para la estructuracion de este articulo.
One of these studies12 in a randomized clinical trial with 3.8 year follow up concludes that unreamed tibial nails may be associated with higher rate of complications, and malunion compared with reamed nailing and in the other,21 the authors conclude that UTN does have a high complication rate and, they suggest early dynamization or exchange nailing to hasten union and prevent screw breakage.
Bazz a, Cromer vvCasinos ina llb utn ame Would everyone stop referring to them as 'bookies' and 'betting shops'.
The two-day workshop, which was held in collaboration with The Urban Trust of Namibia (UTN) and with the support of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) brought together representatives of civil society organisations involved in education, school boards and students' organisations from all over Namibia.
The expanded uncertainty is given by U, where UMG is the measurement uncertainty of the measuring instrument and UTN is the measurement uncertainty of the reference torque wrench.
Published by specialist computer science and economics producer UTN (Uitgeverij Tutein Nolthenius bv) this is s the latest in a series of ground-breaking thought-leadership books on test topics authored by Sogeti.
Coro has announced that that the National Technological University ('UTN') of Mendoza has completed its evaluation of the San Jorge Project Environmental Impact Study (EIS) on behalf of the Provincial Government of Mendoza.
Brock Johansen, chief executive officer and general manager of Emery Telcom (Orangeville, Utah), explained that his company reached out to the Utah Telehealth Network (UTN) to see if it was interested in getting involved.