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the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, England

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For comparison purpose with ultrasonic data, a temperature and cavity pressure sensor (6190A, Kistler Instrument AG, Winterthur, Switzerland), of which sensing end had circular shape with a diameter of 4 mm and was flushed with the internal surface of the fixed mold, was facing to the UT1, as shown in Fig.
With Yushchenko gaining public support at home and abroad, UT1 bosses decided not to sack the TV interpreter.
Although the cluster as a whole is visible in a large pair of binoculars, it took a telescope like UT1 to take inventory of its faintest stars.
The sites with highest mean pH were all base-of-slope sites (FT, ST1, and UT1).
These are: UT1 universal time or LOD (Length Of Day), which describe the time of a single rotation of the Earth in relation to its momentary rotation axis, the CEP (Celestial Ephemerides Pole) coordinates and the factors that allow for including the precession and nutation parameters (Seidelmann, 1982).
A lavagem das maos, a separacao do lixo contaminado e o destino correto do mesmo, o destino correto de todos os residuos da UT1, o uso dos EP1s [...](E3)
Before then, time was measured exclusively by the position of the Sun or stars in relation to Earth, expressed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or its successor UT1.
4a) onto which the two ultrasonic probes (UT1 and UT2) were installed, and an immobile mold (Fig.
The time code frame contained a 40 bit synchronization message, a 32 bit time-of-year message including the day of year, and the UTC hour and minute; an 8 bit message containing the current offset between UTC and the astronomical time scale UT1, and a 52 bit ephemeris message containing the satellite's latitude, longitude, and height above the Earth's surface minus a bias of 119 300 [micro]s [31].
Then, the heavy mechanical [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] structure of UT1 was assembled - and was moving on its thin layer of oil, so smoothly that you could turn it with the push of a finger.
and Vondrak, J.: 2008a, Estimation of the short-term zonal tides from UT1 observations.
However, cognizant data modelers are aware that an extra second--a "leap second"--is occasionally inserted into the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time scale to keep it within [+ or -]0.9 s of the Universal Time (UT1) astronomical time scale [20].
These initial images from Unit Telescope 1 (UT1), the first of the Very Large Telescope's four identical 8.2-meter monster eyes, reveal the potential of this facility.