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an independent federal agency that provides mail processing and delivery service for individuals and businesses in the United States

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There are between 40 and 50 USPS off-site contracted substations in the state of Colorado.
The USPS test report says the HDPE pallets averaged 55.
The price increases and the changes being introduced by the USPS will surely impact everyone," continues Vavra.
The United States Postal Service (USPS) has temporarily agreed to drop its proposed rules requiring apartment owners, in existing buildings, to retrofit USPS mailboxes corresponding to the larger size specifications for new construction, announces Gregory J.
com in July of 1998, Zipee has been wrangling with the USPS for the past six months over who owns the international right to the domain name -- (http://postal-service.
USPS officials say that by 1995, letter mail in the United States will be totally automated, and each piece of mail will have a bar code.
December 31(st) Marks the Deadline for Phase III of the USPS Plan for Secure Postage Meter Technology
This report follows up on our past reports concerning diversity issues at the USPS and responds to the request of the Ranking Minority Members of the House Committee on Government Reform and its Subcommittee on Civil Service and Agency Organization for more current information on the representation of minorities and women at the USPS.
Today, the USPS occupies the entire Farley and Annex buildings, which together total 1.
The contract value includes the previously reported USPS award of $10.
USPS also lacks enough income to fund needed investments in safety, maintenance, expansion, and modernization and to cover its liabilities.
The contract is the third such award this year from the USPS for ABX.
USPS also revised its procedures for approving and implementing new Internet initiatives, including e-commerce.
POS ONE is a major USPS initiative to replace existing postal software systems with a best-in-class retail POS postal software solution.