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an independent federal agency that provides mail processing and delivery service for individuals and businesses in the United States

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If the USPS is genuinely dissatisfied with its finances, it has many ways to improve them by operating more efficiently, including rethinking operational decisions, reinvigorating stalled cost-reduction efforts, leveraging their vast real estate holdings, reducing compensation premiums (the USPS pays its workers about twice what the private sector pays for similar work), and seeking a better return on its very large investment portfolio.
Brennan left open the possibility that the USPS may eventually work with other companies for similar partnerships in the future, saying that if other shippers are interested, the USPS would be happy to speak to them.
There are between 40 and 50 USPS off-site contracted substations in the state of Colorado.
The October anthrax crisis claimed the lives of two USPS employees and brought the threats of terrorism into postal facilities and to the postal family in ways that no one could have ever foreseen.
The USPS test report says the HDPE pallets averaged 55.
The price increases and the changes being introduced by the USPS will surely impact everyone," continues Vavra.
As one of our charter customers, the USPS has long recognized that installing cutting-edge energy technology delivers significant returns on investment, while promoting energy independence, protecting the environment and creating a customer-friendly atmosphere," said JoAnn F.
A Modest Proposal-- Last year USPS posted a loss of $1.
With new products and services such as Delivery Confirmation, Global Delivery Services and Direct Mail, the USPS is ready to help you target more customers through successful direct mail campaigns, business strategies and more.
MPTQM certification is a prevention-based quality system designed to help the USPS ensure the output of consistent, high-quality mail.
In early January, the United States Postal Service (USPS) called on Congress for postal legislation in an effort to become solvent--a statement that comes on the heels of the USPS saying that it many not be able to wait for Congress to act.
In recent years, the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) has questioned the reliability of data related to the Supplier Diversity Program, such as the dollar value of contracts awarded to small, minority, and women-owned businesses.
The United States Postal Service (USPS) has temporarily agreed to drop its proposed rules requiring apartment owners, in existing buildings, to retrofit USPS mailboxes corresponding to the larger size specifications for new construction, announces Gregory J.
USPS officials say that by 1995, letter mail in the United States will be totally automated, and each piece of mail will have a bar code.
December 31(st) Marks the Deadline for Phase III of the USPS Plan for Secure Postage Meter Technology