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San Juan (PR): Bureau of Supplies, Printing and Transportation; 1917:237, 243; Puerto Rico Ilustrado (San Juan, PR), 1919 May 24 (unnumbered pages); Williams, USPHS, p.
Agency for International Development (USAID), requested a senior USPHS officer with extensive experience in disaster behavioral health to come to Nairobi to advise and assist in organizing programs for Kenyans who were experiencing psychological trauma.
Also occurring in 1972 was a change in the reporting line of ACIP, from the Surgeon General of USPHS to the Secretary of DHEW through the Director of CDC.
Under the amended research design, USPHS hired Nurse Eunice Rivers to coordinate the study, officially known as "The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.
23) Luther Williams & Monique Williams, Intent: The Key that Unlocks the Search for the Legacy of the USPHS Syphilis Study at Tuskegee, in THE SEARCH FOR THE LEGACY OF THE USPHS SYPHILIS STUDY AT TUSKEGEE 69-78 (Ralph Katz & Rueben Warren eds.
Today the Commissioned Corps of the USPHS includes health care officers in 11 different professional categories, with the Health Services Officer (HSO) category containing 57 different health care disciplines, including physician assistants and dental hygienists.
Marie Casey, USPHS, CMS deputy director of recovery audit operations.
Data from the USPHS Mortality Detail File provided data on the SES of suicides in the real world.
Navy, Civilian Mariners, USPHS and Project Hope medical volunteers.
As a medical officer of the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) assigned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in the early fifties, I had been on duty just over a year when USPHS headquarters called.
On Sunday, Carol Romano, Rear Admiral USPHS, PhD, RN, delivered the opening session--"The Healthcare Partnership: Increasing Communication Among Professionals.
This investigation was supported, in part, by USPHS Research Grant DE11789 to the American Dental Association Foundation from the National Institutes of Health--National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and is part of the dental research program conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in cooperation with the American Dental Association Foundation.
Carmona, in full Gilbert and Sullivan admiral's garb, steers USPHS into a new millennium.
The POD was conducted by USPHS in the basement of a New York City mail-processing center (5).