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The USB Type C connectors include TY-CA 01 (TYPE-C 2.0 A to C), TY-CA 02 (TYPE-C 2.0 C to C), TY-CA 03 (TYPE-C 3.0 A to C), TY-CA 04 (TYPE-C 3.0 C to C), TY-CA 05 (TYPE-C 3.1A to C), and TY-CA 06 (TYPE-C 3.1 C to C).
According to ( Gadgets 360 , the use of USB Type C for the Switch could simply mean that Nintendo is following the trend that other major tech companies are also embracing.
Of course, Apple is more than happy to provide customers with the necessary USB Type C dock for their needs at the price of $79.
The three cables available now are the USB Type C to Type C, Type C to standard Type A and Type C to standard Type A adaptor.
NodeGrid USB simplifies mobility lab deployments, saving rack space, power, configuration and management time with an all-in-one, high-density 96 USB type C port 2U storage and server appliance.