United States Air Force Academy

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a school for training men and women to become officers in the United States Air Force

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"The USAF Academy Strategic Plan, 2010-2014." http://www.usafa.af.mil/shared /media/document/AFD-100322-020.pdf.
During June 25-July 24, 2009, an H1N1 outbreak occurred at the USAF Academy in Colorado, with 134 cases confirmed among a population of USAF 1,376 basic cadet trainees (3).
Addressing the ceremony, Vice Adm LeFever said that Cadet Nayyer was one of only 19 international cadets worldwide selected to attend the USAF Academy. "This is a truly impressive accomplishment and a testament to the calibre of the type of military officers the Pakistan Air Force produces," he said.
It was displayed at the USAF academy in Colorado Springs until 1997 when the aircraft found its way to New Zealand via the Hong Kong based businessman James Slade.
He personally organized MidAir Collision Avoidance (MACA) briefings for USAF Academy gliders and Soaring Society of America events at Hobbs, New Mexico.
William Hemphill is a 1972 graduate of the USAF Academy; he served on active duty until 1979, flying B-52s.
Air Force Academy, USAF Academy, Colo., May 28, 2003
Eisenhower Blue Course, USAF Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
In September 1996 a USAF Academy cadet was arrested for murder.
Zweben, East Central Region); Idaho State University, Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USAF Academy (Mary Jane Stoughton, Mountain Region); California State University at Long Beach (David Oppenheim, Southern California Region).
Travel Business Review-September 21, 2018-Wounded Warrior Project, USAF Academy partner in WWP event
He is a 1981 graduate from the USAF Academy with a B.S.
Pomeroy, Assistant Professor of Military and Strategic Studies, USAF Academy