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USAF fighter aircraft, based at Aviano Air Base in Italy, also assumed prominent roles in the conflict.
As the primary USAF trainer aircraft, the T-38 is a very critical piece of the training of our future pilots.
The USAF EC brings together a wealth of expertise from dozens of specialties to provide accountable, up-to-date instruction across the spectrum of mobility and expeditionary skills.
With high-level direction from the executive branch, a changing operational landscape, conspicuous consumption of energy, and an increasingly dynamic cost environment, the USAF is faced with few options to pursuing the development of innovative technologies and alternative fuels, especially for its transportation needs.
Boeing filed a formal protest with the US's Government Accountability Office (GAO) in March after the USAF awarded the contract to the Northrop and EADS consortium.
San Antonio, 78207--ARMY for NAICS 238910 $25,500; USAF for NAICS 238290 $2,563,155
We are proud of our long history with the USAF and these tailored service agreements represent a partnership focused on performance.
During the demonstration, live telemetry from an orbiting USAF test and checkout satellite, DSCS 3 A1, was received, processed and displayed by CCS-C equipment.
The USAF and DoD have adopted a capabilities-based approach to meet emerging challenges, SAF/IA uses the same method.
USAF musicians connect disparate peoples by establishing commonalities on an emotional level--not intellectual.
With this award, NCI will provide a wide variety of engineering, IT and Network services to the USAF and to other DoD and Federal customers.
The USAF would have really eclipsed the Mercury program if it had flown Dyna-Soar, but the Defense Department made the decision to cancel the program in 1963.
The five-year agreement is designed to improve efficiencies and cost-effectiveness for monitoring engine operational data and includes asset tracking and management in support of USAF airlift and aerial refueling missions.
Existing unit holders invested a total of PS192m, including Unite's investment of PS60m representing the planned deployment of proceeds from its own recent equity fundraising - maintaining its stake in USAF at about 22%.
In addition, the USAF has deployed its first PATS-70 systems to support the 122[sup.