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US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin noted that the United States will continue to support Ukraine in implementing the necessary reforms for the country.
United States], Dec 25 ( ANI ): On a lighter note, a box of gift-wrapped horse manure addressed to US treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin, found near his home in Los Angeles, sparked bomb scare.
Headed by the US Treasury Secretary, the American delegation included Sigal Mandelker, Under-Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence; Eli Miller, Chief of Staff of the US Department of the Treasury; Julie Mills, Senior Advisor to the Under-Secretary; William Rich, Treasury Attache.
US treasury secretary Jacob Lew has issued a warnings that the US will default on its USD16.
US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says he hopes the economic sanctions on Iran work because "the alternatives are worse.
Summary: US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Sunday he was confident immigration reform would be adopted, .
Summary: US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew will travel to China next week for talks with China's new leadership on his first international trip since taking office, the Treasury Department said Thursday.
The US treasury secretary warned on Thursday that the government would hit its borrowing limit on Monday, the final day of the year.
BANGKOK -- Oil prices rose for a fifth day ahead of a meeting Monday between the US Treasury Secretary and top European finance officials as expectations remain elevated for ECB action to prevent Spain's financial woes from deepening.
Meanwhile, it emerged US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner revealed he warned UK authorities about problems with the Libor in 2008.
The income of the richest 10 percent in OECD countries is nine times greater than that of the poorest 10 percent - and 14 times greater in the US, reports Robert Altman, former US treasury secretary in an opinion essay for the Financial Times.
Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Secretary, has said that the sooner a deal between the government and banks on abuses in mortgage-servicing is reached, the better it would be for the housing markets.
US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the US economy was "still going through an incredibly difficult period," as he warned the impact of the crisis would be "lasting.
US TREASURY secretary Timothy Geithner who lived in the Indian Capital from 1968 to 1973, when his father was the deputy resident representative for the Ford Foundation in New Delhi, got a chance to revive his childhood links with the city.
They have now sent an open letter to US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other members of the US automotive task force setting out their doubts about the restructure.