Secretary of the Treasury

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the person who holds the secretaryship of the Treasury Department

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the position of the head of the Treasury Department

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US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Tuesday that developments in Iraq, where militants have seized swathes of the country, emphasize the need to combat terror financing.
The US treasury secretary painted a bleak picture of Iran's economy where, he said, "sanctions are working.
Davos The United States will see unemployment falling, but only very slowly, according to Tim Geithner, US Treasury Secretary, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
US TREASURY secretary Timothy Geithner who lived in the Indian Capital from 1968 to 1973, when his father was the deputy resident representative for the Ford Foundation in New Delhi, got a chance to revive his childhood links with the city.
They have now sent an open letter to US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other members of the US automotive task force setting out their doubts about the restructure.
The Chancellor will be in Rome for a smaller gathering of the G7 industrialised nations, where new US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will be among those attending.
Thursday's steep falls on Asian markets came after Henry Paulson, the US treasury secretary, said the government was scrapping plans to buy bad mortgage assets from banks in a refocus of its massive financial bailout plan, raising fears that the economy may be deteriorating rapidly.
Lehman's collapse set off a panic that within days had the President and US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson asking Congress to pass the rescue plan for the financial sector.
US Treasury secretary Henry Paulson yesterday said Gulf countries have told him that abandoning their currency pegs to the dollar will do little to solve their vexing inflation problems.
Us Treasury Secretary John Snow has resigned and will be replaced by Goldman Sachs Chairman Henry Paulson, in the latest White House shake-up designed to revive President George Bush's troubled presidency.
Chancellor Gordon Brown and US Treasury Secretary, John Snow, will present their proposal to a meeting of the finance ministers of seven of the Group of 8 industrial nations today in London, a senior US official has revealed.
Originally set to expire at the end of 2004, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act's (TRIA) mandatory availability provision, which mandates that insurance companies provide terrorism coverage to their policyholders on the same terms and conditions as property and casualty insurance, was extended by US Treasury Secretary John Snow.
US Treasury Secretary John Snow has denied that any political pressure was put upon Treasury Under Secretary and Air Transportation Stabilization Board (ATSB) member Brian Roseboro to change his vote on United Airlines' loan guarantee request.
Briefly visiting US Treasury Secretary John Snow promises Pres.
Bono and US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill met some of the patients, who are among the 4.