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The US State Department released the 2010 country report on terrorism providing an "assessment of trends and events in international terrorism," Xinhua reports.
Speaking to local journalists on Tuesday, Sayyid Badr described the US State Department report as "flawed" and fraught with "contradictions" that are insulting to the sultanate.
The spokesperson of US State Department, Victoria Newland told newspersons that US Under Secretary of State Thomas Naider discussed various aspects pertaining to raise the volume of foreign investment in Pakistan.
The US State Department said Israel, traditionally wary of arms deals involving Arab states, was not expected to raise objections.
The US State Department Bureau of Verification and Compliance is responsible within the Department for the overall supervision (including oversight of both policy and resources) of all matters relating to verification and compliance with international arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament agreements and commitments.
P J Crowley, US State Department spokesman, said: "He has been in the United States of his own free will and obviously he is free to go.
The US State Department also said that Foreign Ministry officials assured US Ambassador Anne Patterson on Sunday that A Q Khan would not be a future proliferation risk.
The US State Department has issued a report almost every year since 1977 on the human rights conditions of other countries, using it as an excuse to interfere with others' internal affairs.
It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to using all available tools to address proliferation-related activities," the Dawn quoted the US State Department, as saying.
In 2015, the US State Department designated Fazlullah as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist, freezing all of his assets in the United States or in possession or control of US persons.
USA], Mar 9 (ANI): The US State Department of State's Rewards for Justice Program is offering rewards for information leading to the identification or location of three key leaders associated with the terrorist organisation Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and its affiliated factions.
The minister said Pakistan's embassy in Washington had raised the matter with the US State Department and conveyed the country's concerns, highlighting the need for US authorities to curb activities that impinged upon the sovereignty of any country.
The US State Department has said that Pakistan is an important partner but it also knows what it needs to do.
The US State Department on Tuesday cautioned its citizens against traveling to southern Philippines in the wake of continuing skirmishes between government forces and the Islamic State-linked Maute terror group in Marawi City.
The US State Department has set the necessary criteria for citizens of the six Muslim-majority countries that have been barred from entering the United States since March.