US Coast Guard

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an agency of the Department of Transportation responsible for patrolling shores and facilitating nautical commerce

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A spokesman for the US Coast Guard said a diver went out to the wreckage and managed to identify the name on the back of the boat.
The US Coast Guard official overseeing the search, Capt Anthony Popiel, said: "It is only after deepest consideration that we suspend active searches.
The US Coast Guard was patrolling the area, and heard Crowe call out to them from the shore around 10pm, US Coast Guard Petty Officer Robert Swieciki said.
Estimates on the number of people on board the stricken vessel range from between 160 and 200, the US coast guard has said.
Commenting on the rescue Pacific Basin Deputy Chairman Richard Hext stated "We commend the swift reactions of our crew, who working with the US Coast Guard were able to rescue four fishermen in the best tradition of mariners at sea.
Long-term customers include the US Navy, US Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command, Rinker Cement Plant and Disney Cruise Lines.
The US Naval Personnel Development Command (NPDC), the US Coast Guard, and Sandia National Laboratories are implementing Perseus SurveySolutions/EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) to enhance training practices across the country.
EADS North America today welcomed the announcement by the US Coast Guard of its decision to procure two CN-235 aircraft for the Maritime Patrol Aircraft platform.
GTSI has furnished ruggedized computing solutions to the US Coast Guard and mobile and wireless solutions to Border Patrol and State and Local government First Responders.
The US Coast Guard continues to play a significant role in the success of our ECPINS(R) product line for government markets.
The US Coast Guard uses Offshore's ECPINS(R) system on its WLM and WLB buoy tending vessels.
NASDAQ: EACO), announced receipt of an environmental engineering services contract from the US Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit, Providence, RI.
The federal on-scene coordinator in charge of the incident, US Coast Guard LT Scott Stoermer, says the fire is beneficial because flames are burning up the leaking gas and preventing any danger of explosion.
The US Coast Guard continues to purchase Electronic Charts for use with ECPINS(R), as well as factory and field training.
an international environment and infrastructure firm, was recently awarded a contract to provide environmental engineering services for US Coast Guard facilities throughout the country.