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the address of a web page on the world wide web

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New York [U.S.A], Apr 1 ( ANI ): Technology giant Google on Sunday announced that it is shutting down its URL shortening service, goo.gl.
A research study conducted by the security firm Cloudmark found that only 7 percent of the short URLs from Twitter was actually from legitimate URL shortening users.
Symantec Intelligence reported earlier this year that spammers had set up their own URL shortening services to better conceal their spam sites and make them harder to block.
"It is possible that spammers are setting up their own URL shortening sites since legitimate URL shortening sites, which have long suffered abuse, have improved their detection of spam and other malicious URLs.
For instance, if Google buys Twitter, it may ask all account holders to use its own URL shortening service, -- " goo.
This, along with the announcement that Twitter will be launching its own URL shortening service, dubbed t.co, to all users by the end of the year, is good news for Twitter users who are at risk of spam and phishing attacks.
Betaworks will leverage much of its contributions to the project from a company it started and recently spun off, Bit.ly, which provides web users with Internet URL shortening services.
My friends, that is a heck of a lot of information sharing, especially since bit.ly is only one of many URL shortening services.
Another Internet security firm Symantec said in its recent report on 2010 threats, URL shortening services will become Aaethe phisher s best friendAAE.
Particularly when it comes to Twitter, many businesses also face security threats due to the increased use of URL shortening, meaning that employees can't see the original address for the website they may be visiting.
If you want to share a link on Twitter but find 140 characters too demanding a limit use an URL shortening service such as http://bit.ly.
"By the time a [distribution] site is blocked, they've already moved on to something else."<p>The servers hosting the phony security software behind the Twitter attacks are located in Toronto, said Jones, who said Sophos had been monitoring those systems since June.<p>Because the scareware tweets use a URL shortening service -- as do most tweets to crowd as much as possible into Twitter's 140-character limit -- it's impossible for users to tell exactly where the link will take them.
Because Twitter only allows 140 characters in a post, URLs pose problems for users, so they often use URL shortening services.
The biggest one is the sheer number of URL shortening services that have sprung up.
It also supports the automatic addition of "cotags," that designate who is replying on a company"s behalf.With this latest release, CoTweet now offers direct integration with bit.ly, enabling users to tap into real-time click tracking and analytics from the URL shortening service.