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surgical resection of unnecessary palatal and oropharyngeal tissue to open the airway

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This study showed that modified UPPP was effective in reducing the AHI per hour by 59%.
Overall, the CPAP group was older and sicker than the UPPP group, with unadjusted death rates of 7.
We're comparing UPPP patients to those who got the CPAP device, but we don't know how much the patients used the device," he said.
We are proud of our new UPPP Program, that offers qualified top talent the opportunity to join MOL Group's Upstream division.
1)--who underwent hyoid suspension surgery along with UPPP from March 2002 through September 2007 at Ankara University Hospital.
This procedure may be performed in conjunction with UPPP or maxillomandibular (MMA) advancement for patients with multilevel obstruction.
In another study, Kezirian et al reviewed a Department of Veterans Affairs database to ascertain complication rates and 30-day mortality following UPPP (N = 3,130).
The back of the soft palate, lateral sides of the throat and uvula are removed with UPPP.
Regardless, the well-documented failure of surgery to control snoring in 100% of patients, even after UPPP, does suggest that the sound generator is another anatomic site in some patients.
6) There is no widely established cause of UPPP failure, although multilevel obstruction is thought to be the primary reason.
Results were better than or comparable to the results reported in studies of Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) (a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue at the back of the throat) and were achieved in a low-cost, single-procedure, outpatient office setting, with significantly less pain and morbidity than that experienced with UPPP procedures;
We excluded from our study patients who had undergone UPPP without tonsillectomy and those who had undergone tonsillectomy/UPPP simultaneously with another procedure, such as genioglossus advancement, septoplasty, or hyoid suspension.
Seven patients had a single-level velopharyngeal obstruction (Fujita type I or IIa), and they were assigned to undergo UPPP only (group 1).
I use the ENTceps instrument to perform a number of ENT procedures, such as tonsillectomy and UPPP, as well as parotid and thyroid surgery.