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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser


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To learn more about Upheaval, UPC, or the Weave technology, contact Upheaval at inquiry@upheaval.io or visit the website at https://www.upheaval.io/.
Unit leaders were encouraged to identify UPC members, performance metrics, and performance improvement projects on display boards.
According to Ross, an emerging best practice is to scan and direct products through an automated system by the UPC rather than a label.
A UPC is good for all operators throughout the U.S., so long as they are on airports with a field elevation of under 5500 feet MSL.
As seen from Figures 6(c) and 6(d), a large area of adhesion and accumulation existed on the surfaces of B UPCS. The probable reason is that the prepolymer attached to the surface of the paraffin droplets and cured violently.
Final score is calculated as the product of Quality index with UPCS. It is worth mentioning that we tried to calculate Final score using different weights in Enrichment and Interest, but finally decided that it was fairer to use equal weights.
"Or they can use UPCs new remote record function which enables customers to record shows from their mobile, tablet or PC device."
Like Universal Product Codes (UPCs), EPCs identify a manufacturer and a product type.
At the outset of the summer programs, the UPCs run a workshop for the undergraduate near-peer mentors.
(7) Our key innovation is the use of detailed scanner data on prices paid by households for a constant quality consumption good (as measured by universal product codes, UPCs) that is linked with detailed demographic data.
This section works like universal product codes (UPCs) that are stamped on items at the grocery store.
The councils may vary or the membership may vary, but having unit-based practice councils (UPCs) is central to achieving the intent of staff involvement in decisions at the unit level.
Hardney brings 10 years experience in the field of security management, is certified as a drug elimination coordinator, UPCS (uniform physical condition standards) inspector, and a public housing manager.
The number of available UPCs has doubled since 2002.