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Synonyms for unit

Synonyms for unit

a group of people organized for a particular purpose

Synonyms for unit

any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange

an individual or group or structure or other entity regarded as a structural or functional constituent of a whole

a single undivided whole

Related Words

a single undivided natural thing occurring in the composition of something else

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UOS media student Sally Saeed said her friends were interested in Burt's feedback on Gaza, Iraq and Libya and their questions were about the UK's policies relating to those countries.
Assistant Professor, College of Communications, UOS
CUD started by taking the lead in the second minute but UOS equalised in the very next minute only to see the Canadians take the lead once again through Mohammad.
However, this did not last long as UOS equalised once again for 2-2.
Mahmoud said many universities had opted to hike fees but UOS had avoided the temptation.
Mohammad Akram Chaudhary said that with launching of this lab the UOS players would get advantage to combat possible diseases and physical problems which they face during competitions.
Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority: UOS 3081 - 2014
He said that UOS stands second among the largest universities after Punjab University with the affiliation of 483 colleges.