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300 to 3000 megahertz

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Meanwhile, the number of UHF noncomm stations was 267.
The MXF-450 UHF surface-mount antenna offers UHF coverage in a low-profile package and brings styling and practicality to UHF performance.
The combination of UHF for voice communications with Super Wi-Fi for wireless data communications enables the implementation of a new wireless network environment meeting the communication needs on ships.
The handover of this satellite to NAVSOC clears the final hurdle allowing for ARSTRAT to provide the payload's final configurations to support the Navy's legacy UHF satellite communications mission.
Under this particular SPAWAR contract, ViaSat will help support the sustainment and modernization of the joint UHF military satcom network integrated control system, UHF satcom channel controllers and user terminals.
UHF readers have long been the standard for vehicle identification, but the technology is gaining popularity for building security as well.
Dual-Mode Handset to Maximize Communication Flexibility UHF 2-way radio and long-range 900 MHz cordless phone in a single handset eliminates equipment and reduces costs.
The report calls on Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) countries to agree on a co-primary allocation for broadcast and mobile in the UHF spectrum band at the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) in November 2015.
The L-TAC antenna is also significantly smaller than most UHF SATCOM antennae, providing the added benefit of a lower profile terminal.
"Establishing an industry alliance focused solely on UHF RFID is the next step in the evolution of the technology," said Chris Diorio, chief strategy and technology officer at Impinj, the architect of the UHF Gen2 protocol.
With military UHF, the Navy would own the system and therefore be obligated to program the money up front.
Recently, UHF RFID systems are getting more and more attention in a number of practical applications, due to automatic identification for efficiently tracking and managing objects.
These include BGAN High Data Rate (BGAN HDR), a revolutionary service for broadcasters, delivering a step-change in video quality for journalists and L-TAC, Inmarsat's unique solution to extend the reach of UHF radios used by the world's militaries.
The adoption of this strategy gives green light to the implementation of concrete measures for the transition to digital television," said Dan Nica, minister of communications.In 2006, Romania committed, alongside another 102 countries from Europe, Africa and Asia, to switch from analog cable to digital terrestrial television before June 17, 2015.In order for the transition process to be coherent, a plan of actions was set up that stipulates:the national implementation of four multiplexes in the UHF (ultra-high frequency) band and one multiplex in the VHF (very high frequency) band.