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the major Protestant paramilitary group in Northern Ireland

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Most of the key players, however, are remnants of the old UDA, and proof of their change of heart will be keenly awaited by the public and politicians alike.
At Belfast Crown Court, 32-year old Coleman was described by Judge Geoffrey Miller as having responsibility in the UDA at a "local level" as opposed to being a "directing figure".
In part II, three chapters offer insightful information on e-books, a proven popular format for UDA. Both demand-driven acquisitions (DDA) and evidence-based acquisitions (EBA) models are described.
According to the newly released "Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG-14): Auditing User-developed Applications" from The Institute of Internal Auditors: "User-developed applications (UDAs) typically consist of spreadsheets and databases created and used by end users to extract, sort, calculate, and compile organizational data to analyze trends, make business decisions, or summarize operational and financial data and reporting results.
A former junior high school English teacher, Uda gave up teaching after two years to see the world.
As a result it is un-derstood the UDA has backtracked on their promise ditch their arsenals.
A close associate of Andre and Ihab Shoukri who were expelled last month, he had been locked in an escalating dispute with the UDA who ordered him to stand aside to let a new leadership be appointed in the troubled unit.
In an effort to enhance revenues, UDA entered into agreements with milk marketing cooperatives in other states not to sell milk to fluid milk bottlers until they agreed to pay a substantial premium above the federally established minimum price.
Police wouldn't comment last night on who was behind the killing and wouldn't rule out it could have been part of the feud between the UDA and Loyalist Volunteer Force.
Mr Kirkham said that the UDA would now desist from all ``military activity''.
They assert that, 'In the course of our 35-year history, UDA has progressed forward from "modernist" to "traditional" architecture.' The design process is based on 'Pattern Books'.
The UDA made their move after the ending of the feud which led to the expulsion of former commander Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair.
Dr Reid warned the UDA that if it was involved in violence in Belfast last night he would declare its ceasefire over today.
Sona Nutrition, the exporters of vitamins and food supplements, recently took delivery of an off-line UDA feeding and printing system from Metronic Printing and Coding Ltd, tel:0182 576 9310.