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interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers

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Normally, you will find IDE or SATA drives attached to a U160 or U320 SCSI bus.
- erection and dismantling of a working level in the roof space 433 m 2 for the purpose of improving stock binders and installation of new steel trusses, - steel construction truss binders 2 pieces supply and installation in the roof space above hall, 1 105 kg, - truss trusses at the junctions (90 pieces) (previously drill out rivets / make new screw connections, - steel construction intermediate carrier, 12 pieces u160, L = approx.
Mirroring the sleek and stylish looks of its siblings - the U130 and U160, it poses an elegant design formulated by texture patterns on the cover lid and on the extended matchbox size touchpad.
Like its elder sibling the U160, it adds a second function (Fn) key right below the "Enter" key, to support dual hand operation of special function shortcut keys.
It ships with the bundled accessories similar to the U130 and U160 models, with the addition of a wireless mouse.
3 pieces of temporary interception constructions made of profiled steel u160, Including several transposed, - approx.
The main benefits are Cold housing the art center BxHxL approximately 6.50 x 4.50 x 15,00m,Armrests of HEB200, HxW approx 4,30x6,10m 4.00 pcs.,Facade cladding trapezoidal profile with profile height 40mm 180,00 m,Substructure for facade cladding consisting of: HEA140, HEA 160, U160, U200 6.50 to,Door element 2 FLG WxH:..
Profile steel IPE 80/120/140/220, HEA 140, U160 for wall steel about 6 t;