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the upper house of the United States Congress

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U.S. Senator Chris Coons said Sunday (April 28) the United States opposes any unilateral acts that would change the cross-strait status quo.
Guevarra said the five U.S. senators who filed the resolution calling for the release of De Lima 'have obviously been fed with wrong information.'
During the meeting, U.S. senators congratulated Erdogan on his success in June 12th general elections.
Lebanon's Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri met here today U.S. Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman and their accompanying delegation in the presence of U.S.
AMHCA also asks its members to schedule a meeting in their U.S. Senators' district offices to communicate in person to Senate staff why S.
For example, green stands for a state that will elect both a Governor and a U.S. Senator.
After you've created some activity with your state senators and representatives, go national and contact your U.S. senators and representative.
A U.S. senator from Florida pledged to introduce natural disaster insurance legislation at the request of his IREM constituents.
The New Mexico ACLU's executive director, Peter Simonson, who worked on Berg's case, says, "In my lifetime, I've never heard of anyone being accused of sedition or being tried for it." It's probable that Berg's superiors brought out the creaky accusation because of the wording of her letter--specifically, her call for readers to "act forcefully to remove [the] government administration." But it was a serious overreading of a letter that was, after all, sent to two U.S. senators.
These groups have combined their resources in order to present U.S. senators with the latest information on a number of pro-life issues and to let it be known that pro-abortion groups like the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority Foundation do not speak for all women.
That loophole has now come to the attention of some U.S. senators. Both Massachusetts senators Edward Kennedy and John Kerry have written three letters to STB about the Wilmington matter.
I sent the letter, with the above quotes, to my state representative, to my state senator and his challenger, to one of my U.S. senators and his challenger, to my other U.S.
* On January 17, four U.S. Senators, including, one Republican, co-sponsored a dear-colleague letter on ADAP and Ryan White funding--addressed to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education.
The former college all-American, Olympic gold medalist and NBA all-star remembers lobbying U.S. senators between shots at an Olympic golf tournament in Virginia, enlisting their support for the 1996 Telecommunications Act.
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