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the upper house of the United States Congress

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A delegation led by U.S. Senators Coons and Maggie Hassan is visiting Taiwan from April 27-29.
Lloyd's confirmed the appointment of former U.S. Senator John E.
Bowling Green (Kentucky) [United States], November 5 ( ANI ): A man has been arrested for assaulting and injuring U.S. Senator Rand Paul at his Kentucky home.
And to better understand how Cruz went from unknown to U.S. Senator, they talk to JoAnn Fleming, head of Grassroots America - We the People about his rise from obscurity to Tea Party darling.
government's fiscal problems on the military, and said he wanted to help see a "rapid transfer of responsibility for Afghan security to the Afghans." First elected in 1978, Levin is the longest-serving U.S. senator in Michigan history.
Inouye, the first Japanese-American to become a U.S. senator, was hospitalized recently for respiratory illness.
Another U.S. senator, John McCain said Prime Minister Erdogan made serious warnings to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad regarding reforms.
Richard Stone was not the only Jewish U.S. Senator from Florida.
Senator, D-VA]: Heading to the Senate floor to be sworn-in as Virginia's U.S. Senator
Judd Gregg, the state's former congressman and governor and now its three-term U.S. senator, was not on the ballot this year to stem the hemorrhage of votes flowing to the Democratic side of the ballot.
For example, green stands for a state that will elect both a Governor and a U.S. Senator.
A U.S. senator from Florida pledged to introduce natural disaster insurance legislation at the request of his IREM constituents.
The war of words heated up recently when prominent U.S. Senator John McCain called members of the Venezuelan government "wackos." Venezuela meanwhile, hosted the 50,000-strong World Social Forum, an anti-globalization event, where throngs of protestors--including U.S.
U.S. Senator John Cornyn (Rep.-Texas) co-authored an immigration proposal that aims to strengthen enforcement along U.S.
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